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Tag: youth

  The panel, organised by members of the youth commission of the Turkish Kurdish Community Solidarity Center(Day-Mer), discussed the reasons behind the increasing knife attacks and the ways to solve them. The panel titled “Lives not knives’ took place on Wednesday (3 July)  evening at Day-Mer’s headquarters in Tottenham. Speakers...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) organized a ‘Hello Summer’ picnic for young students and youth members of the community in London to celebrate the end of term and exam period. The youth and their families met at Trent Park in North London. The picnic took place on Sunday, June...
Birleşik Krallıkta parlamentosunda her sene 11 ila 18 yaş arası gençler arasında yapılan seçimlerle genç milletvekili seçiliyor. Gençlerin kendi aralarında oy kullanarak yapığı seçimlerde bu sene 1800 kişi oy kullandı. Westminster’da 4 Mart ile 21 Mart 2019 tarihleri arasında yapılan genç milletvekili seçimlerinde seçilen Civan Terbas, Westminster’da bulunan gençlerin sesi...
Members of the Day-Mer youth, join this half term the youth camp finished off their break with a trip to Chessington Adventure Park, on Saturday 21 April. The group posted that their camp had finished and they were returning to London, posting: “… This campfire is not an end, but...
THE British Alevi Youth Federation holds their 3rd annual general meeting which took place on Sunday 3 March at the Enfield Alevi culture centre. After a discussion of the struggle of Alevi Youth in Britain, BAF members emphasised the importance of working with the youth and ensuring that Alevi young...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) brought together young people in London. There was great participation among the youth, thus the young people decided to come together more frequently and to be in unity and solidarity. “Young people are not only our future but also our today’s guarantee”, the Turkish...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) has announced its agreement with the successful tour operator Cyprus Paradise in regards to special discounts for its members. Established with the notion to identify young people’s problems and needs also to produce solutions, KTGBI stated that it has been working on social, cultural,...
  THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) will bring together young people in London on Friday, February 22. KTGBI has organised a ’Youth Party‘on Friday, February 22 at 19:30. KTGBİ Vice Chair and Social Activity Responsible Bayram Çubuk gave the following information on the event organised for the purpose of creating...
ENFIELD MP Joan Ryan has raised worries with the Met Police Commissioner in regards to the increasing youth violence in her borough. Enfield North MP Joan Ryan participated in a meeting with the Metropolitan Police Commissioners, Cressida Dick, and Deputy Commissioners, Stephen House in Parliament. During the meeting, they discussed...
MEMBERS of the Young MUSAID UK came together to help the most in need across the capital this week, President of MUSIAD UK Mr Mustafa Demir and President of Young Musiad UK Mr Ali Aybakar led an emergency winter assistance campaign. Winter supplier like blankets, soup and more was given...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Union UK (KTGBI) met with TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay, in Cyprus. KTGBI was established in October of this year, with the aim to bring together young member of the Turkish Cypriot community living in the UK together, uniting those who were...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI), which was founded by young Turkish Cypriots organised an event in Cardiff on 8 December, Saturday. At the event organised in Cardiff, the Turkish Cypriot youth from London came together with the students studying in Cardiff.  According to a statement made from the Turkish...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Union (KTGB), which was founded by young people born in the UK or by those who came to the UK to study from Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot Youth Union announced that they have arranged a trip to Cardiff whereby the youth from London will come together...
HÜNKAR Haci Bektaş-i Veli Youth Festival, organized by the Alevi Youth Association of England, took take place on Saturday 27 October, at the Alevi Cultural Center and Cemevi. The festival is known to take place every year at the Alevi Cultural Center. The event was organised in collaboration with the...
HÜNKAR Hace Bektaş-i Veli Youth Festival, organized by the Alevi Youth Association of England, will take place on Saturday 27 October, at the Alevi Cultural Center and Cemevi. Group Zemheri and Anatolian Collective will be on stage to perform that night. The festival tickets are noted be £15 and will...
TURKISH Cypriot Youth Association UK has announced that they have established their youth association. The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association was founded by young people living or studying in England, hence they have clarified that they officially established their association on 21 October 2018. Turkish Cypriot Youth Association stated that they...
ALEVI Secretary, Enfield Labour Party MP Joan Ryan and Labour Party MP Kate Osmaor visited the Liverpool Alevi Cultural Center and Cemevi. Joan Ryan, who visited the Liverpool Alevi Cultural Center and Cemevi on Monday, September 24, held a beneficial meeting with cultural centre president and committee members. Taner Çiçekemphasized...
THE Enfield Council leader, councillors, an MP, faith leaders, the police and many community workers met for the first time to converse the vital concerns over the incease in youth crime. Conducted by recently elected Enfield Council leader Cllr Nesil Calışkan also the Enfield & Haringey borough commander Halen Millichap,...