KTGBI organised ‘Hello Summer’ picnic

THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) organized a ‘Hello Summer’ picnic for young students and youth members of the community in London to celebrate the end of term and exam period.

The youth and their families met at Trent Park in North London. The picnic took place on Sunday, June 9, with over 30 young people attended along with some family members joining.

Enjoying the warm weather and the group spent the day enjoying each other’s company, eating tasty Cypriot food and various activities were performed and had a good day.

KTGBI’s committee member Yaren Kuruovalı spoke with Londra Gazete about the event they organised saying:  “Since the day it was founded, The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association has been aiming to keep our young people together and to keep their culture alive through different activities.

Our aim is to involve young people in social activities that will provide unity and solidarity. Our most important goal is to keep young people away from bad habits and to direct them to proactive and useful activities.

After the summer months, we will continue to realize our new activities. ”

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