KTGBI brings together young people in London

THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) brought together young people in London.

There was great participation among the youth, thus the young people decided to come together more frequently and to be in unity and solidarity.

“Young people are not only our future but also our today’s guarantee”, the Turkish Cypriot Youth Association said.

KTGBI members stated that they will portray exceptional efforts to ensure the young community members act in unity and solidarity.

KTGBI organised a youth event on 22 February Friday evening.

During the youth gathering, young people had the chance to come together and meet under one roof.

Young participants which shared joyful moments together, agreed to come together more often in the framework of different activities.

Cypriot dishes were provided at the young gathering.

The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) gave nice messages in the youth gathering.

KTGBI made the following statement:

“We started our journey with the slogan; ‘A beautiful future will come with young people’, therefore we will continue our efforts to ensure unity and solidarity within the young people living in England.

We hold great responsibilities on our shoulders; however we are ready to fulfil our responsibilities. We are prepared to overcome the problems within our youth and ensure unity.

Young people are not only our future but also our present.”

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