The Turkish Cypriot Youth Union UK met with Özersay

THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Union UK (KTGBI) met with TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay, in Cyprus.

KTGBI was established in October of this year, with the aim to bring together young member of the Turkish Cypriot community living in the UK together, uniting those who were born and grew up in or have migrated for education or to live in the UK together.

KTGBI President Nafiya Horozoğlu and three member of the committee were in Cyprus meeting with Özersay, the members explained their mission and what has been achieving in a short period of time. Explaining what they plans are and goals for the future.

Özersay said that the KTGBI took an important step to unite the new generation, emphasizing that it would be very valuable in terms of understanding young Turkish Cypriots living abroad, “What is the agenda, priorities and problems of youth in England”.  He mentioned that this element will provide significant contributions especially for the development of the Overseas Turkish Cypriots Project.

Özersay also stated that successful works can be achieved if the unity of power is made, join people who have come to art, politics and sports without losing their identity will be the most effective lobby in terms of promoting a country. Özersay wished KTGBI success and the hope of a widespread reach.

Horozoğlu explained that the Turkish Cypriot youth in the UK was established to ensure the solidarity of the Turkish youth, to be in cooperation and to protect their culture. Bring those who were born and grew up in or have migrated for education or to live in the UK together, currently in the short period they have approximately 150 members between the ages of 16-25.



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