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Tag: Cyprus

A group of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot democrats and peace activists based in London came together to support the bi-communal peace demonstrations across Cyprus on Saturday, March 26. The meeting in London was held simultaneously with 108 Cypriot organizations actively participating in the two marches on both the South...
THE Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) UK’s Chairman Dr. Muhammet Yaşarata stated that they support the opening of the coastal section of Maraş and called for the United Nations (UN)and the European Union’s (EU) travel, trade and hydrocarbon rights in the region to be granted to Turkish Cypriots. Yaşarata...
In a live televised ceremony from the Presidential Complex in Ankara, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and The Republic of North Cyprus’s Prime Minster Ersin Tatar announced today (6 October) that this Thursday (8 October) Maraş(Varosha) will be opened. The officials met in the Turkish capital for the inauguration ceremony...
Three Turkish men have been identified by the independent charity Crime Stoppers as wanted and believed to be in Cyprus. On the Crimestoppers website, the three men have been listed in there ‘Most Wanted’ lists, Mehmet Salih, Ozgur Demir and Osman Aydeniz are all wanted in relations to drug offences...
News: Nafiya Horozoğlu   ENGLAND’S leading successful expert accountant and chartered accountant Münir Tatar, Spoke with Londra Gazete looking and evaluated the relations between Northern Cyprus and UK. Tatar, who is well known in the Turkish-speaking community, spoke beyond economic issues and voiced the common concerns of the Turkish Cypriots...
THE London Angles Cancer Association (LACA), which was established in London to support cancer patients and organises important projects, made a donated to the Cancer Patient Assistance Association (KHYD). LACA Chairwomen Aydın Hassan announced that they have sent second aid packages to KHYD. Just last month  LACA  donated  9 walking...
The UK will be placed into Category B from August 1, following an assessment of the countries’ Covid-19 risk, the ministry of health for Cyprus Republic  announced on Monday. The health ministry reiterated that passengers arriving from Category B countries are required to present a negative test result taken within...
Cypriots living in London but essentially from Luricina has stated that they are supporting the campaign launched to open a crossing border from Akıncılar (Luricina) in Cyprus. Members of Luricina living in London has formed the same cage in Palmers Green which has been made in Cyprus to show their...
DUE to the UK’s departure from the European Union, the discounts on university fees will be removed to the citizens of the European Union, who will begin their education as of August 2021, and the education loan provided within student finance will no longer be provided. Turkish Cypriot students, whose...
OYA Tuncalı, the London Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, published a statement, which underlined the services they offered during the coronavirus epidemic, and the efforts undertaken to help citizens return home who were stuck in the UK. Tuncalı made the following statement: “Dear members of the UK...
Cyprus Paradise has shared a message for its customer’s as they take new measures during the coronavirus pandemic. “The health and safety of our retail colleagues and our customers is our highest priority. In line with Government advice on social distancing we have closed our store doors to limit the...
‘THE Migrants Story of Arpalık’ (Göçün Hikayesi Arpalık) directed by Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Communication Press and Deputy Professor Doctor Muharrem Özdemir was screened to our community members at an event hosted at Yunus Emre Cultural Centre on Thursday, March 12 While making speeches before the documentary screening,...
ON Tuesday 17th of December, at 7.30 pm a concert for peace in Cyprus will be given at ‘The Theatre, The Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London N22 5HJ. The performers are Melodi Var Öngel, Mehmet Raif and Andrew Hubbard or ‘Andreas’. ‘Songs Across Boundaries’ by Melodi Var Öngel. Melodi...
Tyla Gopaul, 21 from Islington was charged in the early hours of Wednesday morning (6 November )with the murder of Zakaria Abukar Sharif Ali following his return to the United Kingdom from Cyprus. Zakaria Bukar Sharif Ali, 26, was attacked outside the Rolling Stock bar in Hackney at about 06:30...
YOUNG people in London gathered for a ‘Cypriot Youth Night’ organised by The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBİ) on Friday, October 25 at Cyprus Kitchen in North London. Founded last year, KTGBİ organised the ‘Cypriot Youth Night’ in London and in the past year have carried out a number of...
THE UK Turkish Cypriot Student Federation (BK-KÖF), independence organization based on the local organization, encompassing Turkish Cypriots studying in all parts of the UK, continues to grow. BK-KTÖF, which aims to promote solidarity and community feeling among Turkish Cypriot students studying in the UK, raises adaptation challenges, organizes events, defends...
ON Wednesday 2 October a reception was held for 4 young lawyers from Cyprus who had been on a week-long program in London, learning and experiences how the justices system in the UK. The program put together by the Cypriot Lawyers society and sponsored by the British High Commons in...
A woman who called herself ‘devil b**** 666’ has been jailed for more than 12 years after she sexually abused children for paying customers to watch online. Jodie Little, 30, originally from Huddersfield, carried out her sickening crimes on a website providing escort and webcam services from her home in...