‘Cypriot Youth Night’ event held by KTGBI

YOUNG people in London gathered for a ‘Cypriot Youth Night’ organised by The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBİ) on Friday, October 25 at Cyprus Kitchen in North London.

Founded last year, KTGBİ organised the ‘Cypriot Youth Night’ in London and in the past year have carried out a number of different activities on social, cultural, educational, health and sports. Aiming to provide solidarity among the Turkish Cypriot youth in the UK, all while promoting and protecting the Turkish Cypriot culture.

With traditional Turkish Cypriot meze, kebab and desserts the night young people from the community joined together, to enjoy the tasty food, share fun moments with live music and dancing to songs from Cyprus.

KTGBI Vice President Ismayil Ibrahim gave information about the activity organised for the purpose of bringing together young people under one roof and creating a meeting environment and getting to know their culture: “As KTGBI, our slogan is ‘a beautiful future will come with young people’, we continue our efforts to provide unity and solidarity in order to unite the communities and young people living in the diaspora.”

“KTGBI is not only a youth organization, but KTGBI is now a big family. We organise both our youth and create a sense of belonging through social activities. To protect the Turkish Cypriot identity, we must first recognize our culture. In this activity, we created a chance to meet our young people…”


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