KTGBI ‘Youth Party’ tonight


THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) will bring together young people in London on Friday, February 22. KTGBI has organised a ’Youth Party‘on Friday, February 22 at 19:30.

KTGBİ Vice Chair and Social Activity Responsible Bayram Çubuk gave the following information on the event organised for the purpose of creating a meeting place for young people under one roof:

We aim to create a strong voice by combining young people who were born and raised in the UK, also those who came to live or study to the UK from Cyprus. All young people are invited to our event on Friday, February 22. It’s time for young people to come together and have fun. Friday night we will have fun together and create a powerful sound. Don’t promise anyone on February 22nd. We are waiting for all young people”.

The event, which will take place on February 22, entrance fee is £5  will also have a  open buffet, entertainment and music. The youth gathering will take place at 630 Green Lanes, Harringay, London N8 0SD.


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