BAF holds annual general meeting

THE British Alevi Youth Federation holds their 3rd annual general meeting which took place on Sunday 3 March at the Enfield Alevi culture centre.

After a discussion of the struggle of Alevi Youth in Britain, BAF members emphasised the importance of working with the youth and ensuring that Alevi young people still exist in 30 years in Britain.

BAF stated:

“We would especially like to thank all of our delegates throughout Britain, Ali Dereli Dede, representatives from BAF, BAWA, AAGB , AABK , the board and all guests.”

2019-2021 3rd Term Management Committee:

Mert Gurgur (Enfield)
Ali Arslan (Woodgreen)
Ozan Kahraman (Nottingham)
Incilay Guler (Liverpool)
Berfin Eren (Liverpool)
Dilara Kaya (Glasgow)
Songul Tas (Glasgow)
Irfan Kaya (Glasgow)

European Representative:

Ali Eren Kaya (Glasgow)

Auditing Committee:

Birnur Tursun (Northamptonshire)
Pinar Aksu (Glasgow)
Atescan Ates (Enfield)

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