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THE Taste of Anatolia film festival organised by the Balik Arts will be taking place again this year for the 2nd time in Cambridge. This year’s festival will run from the 27-29 September, the weekend-long festival showings will be at the Old Divinity School of St John’s College. With 12...
By Cihan Şenlik IN a show of unity a new bond has been created with the UK and Turkey, Enfield council and Marmaris Council will become sister councils. One of Turkey’s most important tourism addresses in Marmaris has joined together with Enfield council which is home to one of the...
A boy with cancer has been given the all-clear after he had treatment in Turkey he was denied on the NHS. Charlie Ilsley, 12, had targeted radiotherapy on spinal tumours after travelling to the country. His mum Toni Ilsley says if she had not managed to raise the money for...
DR Turhan Çömez has returned to Turkey for the first time in 12 years.  A consultant surgeon and former MP for the Turkish government’s AK party, he served as a close advisor to then Prime Minister and now Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the only person in Ergenekon case...
THE British Steel will receive hundreds of millions of pounds in financial support from the government, paving the way for the company’s future to be secured by Turkey’s military pension fund, it was reported today. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ministers have signed off on the package, according to Sky News. The...
A 4-year-old boy has drowned in a swimming pool while on holiday with his family in Turkey. The family travelled from the UK to Izmir, Turkey for their summer holiday have sadly lost their young child Başer after he drowned in the hotel they were staying at’s water park. The...
A Turkish bee that was accidentally brought home from holiday by a British family is to be destroyed because it might endanger British species. The insect has been busily building cocoons in the Toy family’s conservatory since they returned from a summer break in Dalaman last week. The family say the...
The International Union of Democrats UK (UID UK) held a panel on the 3rd anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt, which took place in Turkey. The conference took place on Sunday 14 July at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in central London. British Ambassador Umit Yalcin, Turkey’s AKP Istanbul deputy...
The 15th of July marks Turkey’s Democracy and National Unity Day, in London Turkey’s Embassy the day was commemorated with a ceremony, which was attended by representatives of the Turkish community and organizations. Speaking at the ceremony, which started with a minute of silence for the martyrs and the reading...
The family of a man missing in Turkey say they are “extremely concerned for his well-being” and that his disappearance is out of character. David Cann, 56, has not been seen since 2 July, when he had breakfast at his hotel in Hisaronu and then told the manager he was...
Newly elected mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavaş was in London on his first visit since been his election on a visit to the CHP headquarters, on Saturday 1 June.  On March 31 2019, local elections took place across Turkey, Yavas won the mayoral seat for the country capital city of...
The EU and leading member states have sharply criticised a decision in Turkey to re-run Istanbul’s mayoral election, after a shock opposition win. An EU spokesperson called on Turkey’s electoral body to explain the controversial decision “without delay”. Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Mass called the re-run “incomprehensible”. The move was...
The candidate Ekrem Imamoglu of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Turkish government’s main opposition party has been declared Istanbul’s new mayor, despite a pending appeal from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to invalidate the vote and hold a rerun. Nearly three weeks after the election, Imamoglu received the mandate...
Turkey’s local elections took place on Sunday 31 March, with the ruling party losing key cities like the capital Ankara and Izmir.  It is still unconfirmed which party has won Istanbul. The media in Turkey and across the world have already claim Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party has suffered a ‘blow’...
62 students from 24 schools in London participated in the poetry concert organised in the memory of Mehmet Akif Ersoy in Yunus Emre Institute. Poems of the Turkish literature Mehmet Akif Ersoy were read during the event. Turkey’s Embassy in London Education Counselor and TRNC London Education Attache jointly organised...
POLITICAL parties in Turkey are complaining after thousands of unlikely voters appeared on the electoral roll. Within the oddities are many first-time voters over 100 years old – and one aged 165. Opposition parties also asserted they had revealed over 1,000 voters registered at a single apartment. The discovery comes...
  “Erdoğan’ın vizyonuna hararetle karşı çıkan Türkler, yeteneklerini ve varlıklarını da alarak, kitleler halinde ülkeyi terk ediyor” başlığı ile yayımlanan haberde, ülkeden ayrılanların profillerine dikkat çekildi. “Ülkenin kuruluşundan bu yana ilk kez, kültür ve iş hayatına yön veren üst sınıf ailelerin Türkiye’yi terk ettiği” de belirtildi. Haberde çok sayıda kişinin...
A 15th century mosque in Turkey has been split into three parts and transported by self-propelled robots to its new home. Construction workers had to break the walls apart which had been held together for hundreds of years so that they could winch the pieces of the mosque onto platforms...