IYI PARTY celebrated Independence Day in London

THE Community Volunteers in the UK met on Sunday (November 3rd) at Osidge Arms in north London to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the IYI Party.

Founder Executive Committee Member Metin Sak gave an opening, echoing the words of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk he said “My greatest work is the Republic” and explained why the words are so important;

“However, the most important case to be celebrated in a country where there is no right, law, justice, prosperity, equal competition, education collapses, politics decay, and bureaucracy is partyized and ruled by a single man, the most important case to be tackled and tired of is the Republic and its values. We see it better today and understand the value of the Republic better. For this reason, we must necessarily protect the Republic entrusted to us. ”

Organised by Social Policy and Social Activities Coordinator Dilek Coşar, the Secretary-General Özlem Konaklı, Founder Executive Committee members Hafize Pür, Ali Güvercin, Serpil Köse, Hatice Sweeney, Muhasip Yiğitcan Koç, Serdal Kozluklu, other members, their children and many guests attended the night.

Red-white colours were chosen as the dress code and flags decorated the event. Enjoying dinner together and music the night ended with enthusiastic.

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