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Grocery chain the Co-op is opening 50 new stores and creating 1,000 new jobs this year. The new roles come on top of the 1,000 posts it added during lockdown as demand from shoppers increased. The extra jobs announced today will be spread across the new shops and 15 stores...
NEXT year new controls on single-use plastic items will be introduced by the government to reduce ocean pollution. The measures cover plastic straws, plastic drinks stirrers and plastic cotton buds in England from April 2020. Only plastic drinks stirrers will be totally banned, currently, 316 million are used a year....
ENFIELD council are looking to extend and grow their Cycle Enfield scheme. The last part will be looking to transform the A1010 North scheme a public consultation will start on Wednesday 3 April and run until Sunday 28 April. There will also be a public engagement event at Albany Leisure...
LOCAL London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney, took part in a tree planting session at Montagu Recreation Ground in Enfield on Sunday, 2 December. Joanne McCartney was accompanied by Cllr Mahym Bedekova, Cllr Güney Doğan, Cllr George Savva, Cllr Sinan Boztaş and Kate Sheldon (Deputy CEO, Trees for Cities). Joanne McCartney...
A Haringey Council by-election is scheduled to be held in West Green ward on December 13. The by-election will be to elect one new member to Haringey Council. Potential candidates have until 4pm on Friday November 16 to submit nominations and a final list of people nominated will be published...
IN regards of a large population in the UK, Aksaraylılar have decided to gather under the roof of association in London. For the first meeting, where the new board of directors will be determined, the authorities called on the Aksaray people living in London to particapate. The first meeting will...
WITH the decision taken by the Hackney council, landlord who rented their house in Hackney are subjected to a new application. According to the recent decision, property owners who rented their house or apartment within the boundaries of Hackney Council should issue property licensing. In recent years, the private leasing...
MOST UK voters would vote Remain if the EU referendum were held again, according to a major new poll from Channel 4 and Survation. Some 54 per cent of people said they would stay in the EU if the 2016 referendum were held tomorrow – when those who refused to...
LATEST changes to Ryanair’s baggage policies take effect today, meaning passengers who want to take anything more than a small bag on board must pay for the privilege. Only those paying £6 for priority boarding will be able to take a small suitcase of up to 10kg in the cabin....
OVER 120 New Look stores may close at it tries to revive its fortunes. The fashion retailer said in March it would shut 60 stores through a restructuring deal with its creditors, to cut costs and improve profitability. On Tuesday it said that had risen to 85, because landlords have been exercising...
İki kategoride 8 maçta 25 gol atılırken, usta ayaklar New River Sports Centre’daki maçlara renk kattı. Gecenin takımı ise iki kategoride de galip gelen Türkmenköy oldu. METRO MAÇI 3-0 KAZANDI O35 kategorisinde Türkmenköy, Narlı ile oynadığı maçtan 3-0 galip ayrıldı. Metro da, Adana karşısında aynı skoru (3-0) alarak sahadan ayrıldı....
A new redesigned plastic £50 note will replace the current one as the Bank of England announced its plan not to scrap the note complete. Fears that the largest denomination usually used by criminals and rarely for ordinary purchases had prompted a proposal to abolish it. Ministers said the new...
FROM today, if you want to advertise a political cause on Facebook in the UK, you’ll have to obey new rules. You will need to prove your identity and location to the company, and each ad will carry a message saying who paid for it. There will also be an...
SEMRA Eren-Nijhar introduced her recently published book, which is called “Turks in London”. Author and sociologist Semra Eren – Nijhar introduced her new book at the Turkish Consulate General in London. The event was hosted by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey Çınar Ergin. The TRNC Consul Ülkü...
Türk Toplumu Futbol Federasyonu tarafından organize edilen Türk Veteran Ligleri geçtiğimiz Pazartesi akşamı başladı. Medyaya duyurusu yapılmadan start verilen veteran liglerinde O35’te dokuz, O45’te ise sekiz takım yer alıyor. Her Pazartesi akşamı Kuzey Londra, Harringey’deki New River Sports Centre’da oynanacak liglerde ilk hafta alınan sonuçlar şöyle: O35 kategorisi:  Gazi FC-Adana:...
FIGURES  published by RECOUP, a plastic recycling charity, show 351,907 tonnes were collected from households for processing in 2017 , this is an increase of 2.5% compared to the year before. This is Britain’s biggest increase of plastic bottles are being recycled in three years, according to new figures. The...
Türk Toplumu Futbol Federasyonu (TTFF), geçen hafta sonu oynanan Community Şilt karşılaşmaları esnasında bir resepsiyon verdi. New River Sports Centre tesislerinde verilen resepsiyona KKTC Londra Temsilcisi Oya Tuncalı, TC Londra Konsolosu Mert Sav, kulüp temsilcileri, sponsorlar ve TTFF yetkilileri katıldı. TTFF Başkanı Serdar Sarı, her sezon boyunca bu tür etkinliklerin...
IN a news published by the Daily Mail West Yorkshire Police have now designed a uniform the first of its kind in the UK. The uniform has been created for members of its Muslim personnel’s a more representative, an alternative to the currently uniform. Assistant chief constable Angela Williams said:...