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Tag: women

On International Women’s Day, in a joint statement by the Atatürk Society UK (ASUK) and Atatürk World Platform(AWP) Chairwoman Jale Ozer, look over this history of Turkish women and the changes and difficulties women have faced thought out time in Turkey. “ The number of women and children who are...
North Circular Road traffic is experiencing severe delays this morning on the A406 after it was closed following a serious incident. Met Police have confirmed that a woman has reportedly fallen form height. The incident happened at around 7.28am this morning, (Friday, August 21) on the A406 Angel Road, in Edmonton. Emergency...
According to new research London-listed companies are more profitable when women make up more than one in three executive roles. Listed firms where at least one-third of the bosses are women have a profit margin more than 10 times greater than those without, it suggests. Of the 350 largest companies...
A woman has been stabbed three times in the back as she pushed her child in a pram in an unprovoked attack in south London. The 36-year-old was attacked from behind by a lone man who did not speak as he repeatedly knifed her before fleeing the scene, police said. No arrests have been made....
On Sunday 24th November the Day-Mer women’s commission held an event for the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. The event held at the Day-Mer culture centre in North London with over 50 men and women attending the event of all ages. Showing their support and learn...
ONE in four women shy away from exercise for fear of being judged, according to a new poll published. Almost half of 2,000 surveyed had at some point felt negatively judged when working out – with this number highest for those aged 18-24, 70 per cent of whom said they felt that way. Thirty-seven per...
A woman was crushed between two cars ‘when a man deliberately drove into her’ outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday night. Video footage being shared online shows the female victim, in her 40s, screaming as she is wedged between a Range Rover Evoque and a Mercedes near Hyde Park Corner. The...
SCIENTISTS say they may have discovered why more women than men have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It has always been thought that women live longer than men to be the reason, but new research presented at an international conference suggests this may not be the whole story. Differences in brain...
A man has been charged after a woman and her children were attacked at a residential address in Palmers Green, Enfield. Liban Malhamoub, 44 of Clarence Road, Enfield, was charged in the early hours of Monday, 8 July with four counts of attempted murder and one count of threatening a...
Detectives are investigating after a pregnant woman suffered fatal stab wounds at a residential address in Croydon. Police were called by London Ambulance Service at 03:30hrs on Saturday, 29 June to reports of a woman in cardiac arrest inside an address at Raymead Ave, Thornton Heath. Officers attended along...
A police manhunt is underway after a string of sex attacks in a park in Croydon. Officers are attempting to trace a man following reports of six assaults in the area over the last two months, four of which police said were sexual in nature. The incidents are alleged to have...
Haringey Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Women and Equalities, Cllr Makbule Gunes, reflex on Women’s History Month. As the end of the month comes to a close Cllr Gunes highlight the importance of Women’s History Month. In her message she says: “Haringey’s Women’s History Month celebrations have been bigger than ever...
Haringey is marking Women’s History Month in March with an exciting programme of events and activities designed to celebrate the borough’s women past and present. The programme includes related films, workshops and an exhibition highlighting Haringey’s inspirational women who have dedicated their lives to campaigning for women’s rights and equality....
TRNC London Representative has organised a event which will take place on 6 March Wednesday at Yunus Emre Institute in relations to International Women’s Day. A panel discussion will be held and the main speakers will be Baroness Meral Hussein Ece, Enfield Council Leader Nesil Calışkan and first women Chair...
DAY-MER has already begun to take action for the 8th March events, which is known as International Women’s day. The 8 March International Women’s Day event, which will be held this year in Day-Mer, will start on March 9th. On March 9, Milllion Womens’s Rise will gather at the London...
‘The Women and Success’ conference was organised by the UK Ataturk Thought Association (IADD). Panel speakers were inclusive of IADD Chair Jale Özer, Semra Eren Nijar, Dr. Arın Bayraktaroğlu, Enfield Council Councillor Yasemin Brett and Esna Su. During the conference which was held on Tuesday, 4 December, the significance of...
CHP UK Association organised a panel called ‘Institution Policies Towards Women’ on Wednesday, 5 December. CHP UK Chair Sibel Özçelik, Alevi Cultural Center Women Chair Zeynep Köşe, CHP UK Secretary Cangül Kartal and Women Inspire Woman Chair Yıldız Armstrong were the panel speakers. The panel was moderated by the CHP...
A sex work that caused the death of a maintenance manager when she set fire to a Westminster hotel room in a fit of rage after being underpaid has been jailed. Nora Es-Sadki Boughima, 19 of Cambridge Court, Sussex Gardens, was sentenced to six years imprisonment at the Old Bailey...