The success of Turkish women were discussed

‘The Women and Success’ conference was organised by the UK Ataturk Thought Association (IADD).

‘The Women and Success’ conference was organised by the UK Ataturk Thought Association (IADD).

Panel speakers were inclusive of IADD Chair Jale Özer, Semra Eren Nijar, Dr. Arın Bayraktaroğlu, Enfield Council Councillor Yasemin Brett and Esna Su.

During the conference which was held on Tuesday, 4 December, the significance of women in society were discussed.

Additionally, the legislation which was enacted on 5 December 1934, providing full universal suffrage for women in Turkey.

Chair of IADD, Jale Özer, who made a short presentation during the conference, stated:

“Welcome to our second conference held on ‘Women and Success’. Our first conference was held of 16 March 2017 on International Women’s Day. The aim of our second conference is to outline the significance of the 84th year of the Turkish women gaining the right to vote on 5 December 1934.

Following the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk began to introduce legislations which particularly led to a revolution for women.

These legislations led to equality between men and women in Turkey. Hence, the aim of our conference is to show that we have successful women living abroad and has committed many innovations for society.

TRNC Representative Oya Tuncalı, made the following statement:

“Everyone can define success differently. We have many women which has portrayed great successes. The essential goal is to be determine, work hard and never give up.”

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