DAYMER: 8 March International Women’s Day activities

DAY-MER has already begun to take action for the 8th March events, which is known as International Women’s day.

The 8 March International Women’s Day event, which will be held this year in Day-Mer, will start on March 9th.

On March 9, Milllion Womens’s Rise will gather at the London Community Center at 11:30 for a march.

Day-Mer Women’s Folk Dances, Daymer Women Choir, Bendir Group, Poetry Group, Baran and Erdem, War and Peace Coalition, People’s Assembly and Day-Mer Women’s Commission will take part in the events that will start on Sunday, March 10th.

At the same time, art works by the Rainbow Women’s Group, will be exhibited.

The entry fee will be £5, Day-Mer, invites everyone, especially women to take part in these events.


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