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Tag: meeting

The England Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi’s (IAKMC) Culture and Art Unit held a meeting with its members on Saturday 22 to discuss and learn more about its members who enjoy art and artists ideas. Speaking about the event they said “We wish to make use of our place, space...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) members meet with the Democratic Party Youth Organization Representative Erden Pekri and National Unity Party Girne Youth Branch President met with Yağmur Aydındağ. During the meeting, social projects and cultural activities were exchanged. The importance of unity and solidarity among young people living in...
THE Good Party (İyi Party) held its first meeting in London, on 24 February Sunday at Istanbul Restaurant in Stoke Newington. The Good Party, organised a breakfast on Sunday at Istanbul Restaurant, the party volunteers held their first meeting in London. The meeting was held with the participation of Good...
DEMOCRATIC Union Power organised a public meeting on 25 November on suicide and conflict. The public meeting was held in Kirkisraklilar Association on Sunday. At the meeting, suicide among the community and mobbing events where discussed. Thus, these matters has been described as the bleeding wounds of the community, especially...
TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu held a press meeting at the TRNC London Representative Office. Ataoğlu made his first visit to the London Representative Office of the TRNC during his visit in London. Ataoğlu came together with the Representative Oya Tuncalı and held a meeting with the...
LONDON’s Turkish speaking members of the community came together and formed the London Alternative Photography Group. The group holds weekly meetings and this week the group organised their meeting for the master photographer and journalist Ara Güler. Ara Güler, a Turkish photographer who was best known for capturing poignant and...
THE Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party held its first meeting in Haringey on Thursday, 11 October. Members of the Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party attended to the meeting alongside the Turkish Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus Representative Oya Tuncalı. The meeting was essentially circulated upon the Turkish Cypriots...
THE Turkish and Kurdish Solidarity Center (Day-Mer) held it’s first meeting on 30 September, Sunday at the Community Centre. Whereby, Day-Mer community members attended the meeting with strong participation. Current developments in Turkey and England were discussed by the Day-Mer members and the Day-Mer president Aslı Güler and committee member...
Bush Hill Park Conservative Cllr William Coleshill has been suspended pending an investigation into the incident after his comments directed to Labour Cllr Susan Ebril were branded ‘racist’ at council meeting. At the council meet that took place on Thursday 20 September Cllr Coleshill expressed that “mass migration” has created...
UK Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi have announced that the youth meetings will resume every Friday evenings. The youth meetings are held every Friday evenings at the Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi which is located in Wood Green. The meetings are coordinated by the committee members Bayrak Suruk and Dilan...
Under a new plan what will be proposed to the council, many of the poorest household in the borough could be exempt from paying council tax. The current system which was introduced in 2013, means claimants are entitled to an 80% reduction if they are of working age and with...
Council leaders and mayors has been officially determined in Enfield and also will be officially appointed in Haringey Thursday evening. The local authorities will have their first meeting subsequent to the elections on May 3. Enfield has elected Nesil Çalışkan as new council leader, who is aged 29 and will...
POLITICIANS initially separated from the Nationalist Movement Party has established the Good Party and began to organise in England. Good Party supporters, who held their first meeting in London, held another meeting in Germany. Almost 20 people came together in the London meeting on 13 May Sunday for breakfast. The...
CHIEF Consultant Süleyman Beşli and Trade Lawyer Yusuf Kılınç, made a statement after Brexit UK – Turkey trade relations about the potential of the Ankara Agreement. Union of Turkish Democrats (UETD) held its monthly “Public Meeting” inviting Chief Advisor Süleyman Beşli and solicitor Yusuf Kılınç to speak at the meeting...
TURKISH Forum UK (TFUK) elected its new president at its 12th annual general meeting. On Sunday, February 11, at the annual general assembly meeting held at Crazy Salad Bar, Russell Square, London Sinan Öğün was elected as the 5th Turkish Forum UK (TFUK). President Öğün was elected by winning the...
ATATÜRK Society UK (IADD) held annual general meeting on Saturday, February 17 with great participation.
THE TURKISH and Kurdish Community Solidarity Centre has appointed a new governing board at their 19th annual general meeting attended by Day-Mer members and supporters.
BRITAIN'S Alevi Federation held its 3rd General Assembly meeting at their Enfield centre.