Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party held a meeting

THE Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party held its first meeting in Haringey on Thursday, 11 October.

Members of the Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party attended to the meeting alongside the Turkish Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus Representative Oya Tuncalı.

The meeting was essentially circulated upon the Turkish Cypriots living in the UK to be involved in British politics and to increase the power of the political parties.

TRNC London Representative Oya Tunalı, underlined the importance of Britain for Cyprus and Turkish Cypriots. Also stated that our society living in the UK should be effective in politics and increase their power.

Tuncalı pointed out that as the TRNC Representative, she will support any community member which is involved in any political party also asserted that Turkish Cypriots must take the required steps to  hold a more active and effective role in British politics.

Speaking to Londra Gazete, Oya Tuncalı stated:

“Our society is essentially very successful in England and this country is very important for both Cyprus and our community.

The achievements of Turkish Cypriots in all fields, from politics to economy, from business people to culture issues, are going forwards in every aspect. But we think that we should be at a much better point in terms of these achievements and the importance we give to England.

For this reason, we wanted to increase our power among political parties. In order to increase our political power, we are trying to gather friends who are interested.”

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