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The Republic of Northern  Cyprus’s (TRNC)President Ersin Tatar has said today (July 20) that the Greek Cypriot side will never work towards a lasting and just solution to the Cyprus Problem as long as the imbalance between the two sides is not addressed. In his speech at the Dr Fazıl...
THE decisions taken by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus last week caused the reaction of the Turkish Cypriots living in England. According to the decisions taken by the communicable diseases, the high committee convened within the scope of the communicable diseases law, the UK and Southern Cyprus were included...
Ersin Tatar has been elected as the 5th president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Last night Tatar beat his rival independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı by winning 51.69% of the votes. Akıncı received 48.31%  of the votes. Of the 113,931 votes cast on Sunday’s second round, Tatar received 67,322...
In a live televised ceremony from the Presidential Complex in Ankara, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and The Republic of North Cyprus’s Prime Minster Ersin Tatar announced today (6 October) that this Thursday (8 October) Maraş(Varosha) will be opened. The officials met in the Turkish capital for the inauguration ceremony...
 The UK government responded to the petition ‘Authorise direct flights from the United Kingdom to North Cyprus (TRNC)’. If a petition gets 10,000 signatures, the government is entitled to respond. Hence, the government has responded to the petition, which was launched to gain support for direct flights to North Cyprus....
TRNC Ministry of Health announced that the UK has been moved from category C to category B. As of 13 August (including 13 August), those who will come to the TRNC from the UK will be able to enter the TRNC on the condition that they present a PCR test...
Within the Contagious Diseases Law; In line with the decision taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee that convened on 10 August 2020, Persons coming to the island from the UK as of 13 August 2020 (including 13 August 2020) with documented PCR test result of Negative made between three...
FOLLOWING a cabinet meeting with ministers and TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, TRNC Health Minister Ali Pilli announced that those travelling from England will be able to home quarantine will be applied to those coming from England. UK travellers will be able to carry out ‘home quarantine’ period for 7-day...
Turkey has donated a variety of medical equipment to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in efforts to efforts against Covid-19. An agreement that was signed between Turkey and the TRNC on the 8th of July that foresees medical equipment being donated to the TRNC was published...
The London Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Oya Tuncalı, shared her message for the20 July Peace and Freedom Day. In her statement Tuncalı, touched on the events of that period with a historical process, commemorating the people who lost their lives in the 20 July Peace Operation and...
  Kudret Özersay, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC announced last week that there would be a change in the Military Service Law, which is linked to the possibility of paid military service. Following this announcement, thousands of Turkish Cypriots living in the UK are...
In a statement made tonight by the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus’s (TRNC) Health Ministry, travellers from the UK will not need to carry out a 14-day quarantine period as stated for category C countries. The following statement was made: “Considering the decrease in the number of UK cases, it is...
THE Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Healthy Ministry announced its decisions regarding the entry-exit to TRNC. According to the statement released by the ministry, the United Kingdom is in Category C, which is the highest risk group.  Passengers in Category C must comply with the following conditions to enter TRNC:...
COUNCIL of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA) Chairman Ertuğrul Mehmet spoke to London Gazette in regards to the news published about the charter flight from England to Northern Cyprus on Tuesday evening. Underlining that the statement “64 people were stuck in the police immigration and could not enter” was not true;...
ERTUĞRUL Mehmet, Chairman of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Association (CTCA), condemned what was written on social media against the TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncalı. Chairman of CTCA shared a written statement on this matter, Mehmet reminded that flights were stopped in March due to the virus, and two planes...
OYA Tuncalı, the London Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, published a statement, which underlined the services they offered during the coronavirus epidemic, and the efforts undertaken to help citizens return home who were stuck in the UK. Tuncalı made the following statement: “Dear members of the UK...
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s (TRNC) London Representative Oya Tuncalı has shared her  Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day message, saying: “Valuable Members of the Turkish Cypriot Community in the United Kingdom, Dear Youths, Today is the 101st anniversary of the day when the national will, spirit of unity...
THE well-known Turkish Cypriot Doctor Teoman Sırrı, shared his insight on the measures taken by the UK to combat the Covid-19 outbreak and the current situation of the Turkish Cypriots there, scientifically responding to the question “what will happen next?” Dr Sırrı, a graduate of the UK’s prestigious schools, Imperial...