Dr Teoman Sırrı: The virus will decrease as the weather gets warmer

THE well-known Turkish Cypriot Doctor Teoman Sırrı, shared his insight on the measures taken by the UK to combat the Covid-19 outbreak and the current situation of the Turkish Cypriots there, scientifically responding to the question “what will happen next?”

Dr Sırrı, a graduate of the UK’s prestigious schools, Imperial College London, said, “Don’t believe everything you hear … they did not act in a hurry, they took slow and good measures.”

Emphasizing that the most important thing in the fight against coronavirus “taking it seriously”, given Taiwan as an example with 24 million people live there and it is very close to the city of Wuhan in China.

“What did they do in Taiwan? They did not apply any prohibitions in the country. They are the first to take the virus seriously. They immediately enforced the mask and stopped the flights. The economy continued to work… ”. Stating that the benefit of the mask is registered in Taiwan Dr Sırrı said “The mask protects someone else if you have something. This is one of the most important things in the fight against the virus. ”

Reminding that Covid-19 has no cure yet, Dr Sırrı points out that the most deaths in London are experienced in BAME communities, and points out that the situation should be evaluated socio-economically: “Most foreigners, the working class is dying. Because they work very long hours. Turkish Cypriots are also in this category. Where the British don’t work, our work. Therefore, one of the reasons is socio-economic. Another important factor is that Turkish Cypriots in the UK did not take this virus very seriously. ”

Stating that Britain started the vaccination trials on January 10, Dr Sırrı noted that vaccines were tried in the laboratory, then in the animal and finally in the human and that the vaccine was tried in 510 people as of April 23. “The vaccine is not a cure, it is a protection system,” adding, “…everyone is happy when a vaccine is found, but the vaccine is not a cure”. Stating that a professor from Imperial College London, where he also graduated, said that we will complete the work by the end of September about the vaccines, “I trust this because professors from Imperial College London had found both vaccines needed for SARS and MERS.”

Touching on how the TRNC is dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak he said:  “I do not know exactly because I did not live there, but if the data is correct, we are going very well. But some countries do not transfer the correct data. ”

Stating that Covid-19 is a new virus, but 7 weeks ago, when the virus was newly released, he gave an interview and said, “I think it will decrease in August,” in the process, he continued:

“You can observe that there is a decrease in many countries with the warming of the air. China finished, Taiwan finished. It should decrease with heat. If the virus does not mutate, the second wave will not pass so hard. I think this is also the seasonal flu… Someone will go, someone will come. I think that there will be an improvement until August. Our people should not be afraid but be protected. ”

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