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Tag: Turkish Cypriot

MASTERCHEF set out again to find Britain’s best amateur chef, but this time Hasan Berkül from North London’s Enfield district will also compete. MasterChef first appeared on our screens in 1990. Presented by Loyd Grossman, 3 contestants in each series competed to be crowned Britain’s best amateur chef. From these...
Communities joined together with the Turkish Cypriot residents living in Waltham Forest expressed their anger towards the local council leader’s decision to remove the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) flags and then state “…In the future flags of territories not recognized by the UK will not be hung.” The...
ÖZEL Sarı, a young entrepreneur living in the UK and originally a Turkish Cypriot, shared her achievements, work and experiences with Londra Gazete. For many years, Sarı has been contributing to the struggle of assimilation and young Turkish Cypriots embracing their identity. Also known to be the general secretary of...
TURKISH Cypriot actor and musician Halil (Hal) Özsan, who moved to England at a young age, continues to show himself in Hollywood cinema. Özsan, who appeared as one of the leading actors in the movie named ‘Infidel’, also shared the same set with Al Pacino in a movie called ‘Simone’...
Born and raised in the UK and originally a Turkish Cypriot, Zeka Pirgali continues to climb the ladder of success at a young age with his football talent. Zeka Pirgali, a 21-year-old successful and talented football player, recently graduated from Brunel University with a major in ‘Sports Health and Exercise...
A suspected double killer who allegedly kept his victims’ bodies in a freezer for nearly three years told police when questioned: ‘It’s my house, it’s my problem’, a court heard. Hungarian Henriett Szucs, 34, vanished after moving in with accused murderer Zahid Younis, 35, and was last seen alive in...
THE Council of Turkish Cypriot Association, established in 1983, undertook important initiatives during the Covid-19 epidemic period by helping the Turkish speaking community. The epidemic, which affected the whole world due to coronavirus emerging in Wuhan, China, incredibly affected the UK and the Turkish speaking society. CTCA, which consists of...
TRNC Education and Culture Minister Nazım Çavuşoğlu  made statements regarding the situation of Brexit and Turkish Cypriot students. Due to UK leaving the European Union, the Cypriot students who will start their education in August 2021 will be removed from the home status also will no longer receive student finance....
DUE to the UK’s departure from the European Union, the discounts on university fees will be removed to the citizens of the European Union, who will begin their education as of August 2021, and the education loan provided within student finance will no longer be provided. Turkish Cypriot students, whose...
Every year The Sunday Times newspaper’s publishes it’s Rich List’, listing the 1000 richest people living in the UK. From the Queen to the founder of Dyson, 1000 names of people and families along with their worth and source of it are listed. This year, the Turkish Cypriot couple Mustafa...
The first flight to take Turkish Cypriot students in the UK back to North Cyprus will be leaving tonight. Some 160 students lined the check-in desk at Stansted Airport as they prepared to be flown back home as thousands have been left uncertain, alone and worried as the coronavirus pandemic...
THE Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel will visit London in a bid to unite two different Turkish Cypriot festivals organisations. In June, two Turkish Cypriot cultural festivals are organized in London under the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot Associations Council and the Turkish...
THE UK Turkish Cypriot Student Federation (BK-KÖF), independence organization based on the local organization, encompassing Turkish Cypriots studying in all parts of the UK, continues to grow. BK-KTÖF, which aims to promote solidarity and community feeling among Turkish Cypriot students studying in the UK, raises adaptation challenges, organizes events, defends...
THE CTCA UK issued a statement stating they had learned that the single Turkish Cypriot Culture Festival planned for the 30 June has been cancelled by the media. Last week it was announced by TCT that there would not be going ahead with the single festival and both sides will...
Turkish Cypriot Ceyda Üçyiğit, who has been living in London, has formulated her main focus on jewellery and jewellery collections. Ceyda Üçyiğit was born and raised in London. After graduating from Central Saint Martins University, Design Department she started to work with world-famous companies. As a result of the successful...
THE Turkish Cypriot Culture Festival, which was held for the second time last year by CTCA UK has announced that preparations for the 3rd festival are underway with its venues and dated announced. The administration and members of the The Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (UK), which hosted thousands of...
THE Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party held its first meeting in Haringey on Thursday, 11 October. Members of the Turkish Cypriot Friends of Labour Party attended to the meeting alongside the Turkish Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus Representative Oya Tuncalı. The meeting was essentially circulated upon the Turkish Cypriots...