CECE London Jewellery reveals remarkable designs

Turkish Cypriot Ceyda Üçyiğit, who has been living in London, has formulated her main focus on jewellery and jewellery collections.

Ceyda Üçyiğit was born and raised in London. After graduating from Central Saint Martins University, Design Department she started to work with world-famous companies.

As a result of the successful designs Ceyda has produced over the years, she has started to present her designs under the name of “CECE London Jewellery”.

Üçyiğit has always been interested in jewellery and jewellery designs since she was young and now she has  started to work as a professional after qualified trainings.

Ceyda is a Central Saint Martins’ graduate and now works as a London based jewellery designer. Her roots and inspiration stem from the mediterranean island of Cyprus, where her family are originally from.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery Design and was the winner of the Boodles Award 2013 for ‘the most inventive collection without losing commercial potential’.

Ceyda was also selected as a finalist for the Swarovski Runway Rocks Show 2013 Shanghai, for her impressive use of raw materials mixed with man-made crystals, entitled ‘The Snake Charmer’ from her Paradox Collection.

Speaking to Londra Gazete at the London Fashion week pop up event which took place 19 February at the Washington Mayfair Hotel Ceyda stated: “I love my job. It’s really meaningful and vital to be recognized for the jewellery designs I produce.”

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