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Tag: people

A Christmas market in Nottingham has been shut down after criticism over  a lack of social distancing. Pictures were shared online showing large crowds in Old Market Square on Saturday, with hundreds of people seemingly breaking the rules by being too close to each other. Now, the Mellors Group which organises...
Christmas shoppers flooded England’s high streets for the first weekend since lockdown was lifted and non-essential stores were allowed to reopen. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, retail experts predicted £1.5bn would be spent in shops nationwide on Saturday. Taking advantage of the first non-working day to do their Christmas...
 Recent figures show that London’s crime rate is rising 5 times quicker then the rest of the UK. Stabbings, drugs and murder has sadly become a part of the daily newsreels for Londoners. Here at Londra Gazete, we spoke to young members of the community to find out what they...
Over 20,000 Londoners have been stopped by police or transport inspectors for not wearing face masks or covering on the Tube or buses. Mayor Sadiq Khan today revealed there had been 20,618 “interactions” with passengers, mostly on buses, to enforce the compulsory requirement to wear a face-covering on public transport. He told Mayor’s Question...
A major incident has been declared in Bournemouth after thousands of people descended on the area’s beaches as temperatures soared. Council leaders say the numbers of people flooding the seaside in the last two days are “like those seen on a bank holiday”. People are being told to stay away,...
Over 2.2 million people who have been self-isolating in England during the pandemic will no longer need to shield from 1 August. Extremely vulnerable people who are most at risk from becoming ill from coronavirus will no longer need to shield in England. Meaning they can return to work, if...
HARINGEY Council has made a strong commitment to protect and support vulnerable young people from violence, abuse and exploitation after unveiling their Young People at Risk Strategy. Haringey is one of the first boroughs in London to set out a long-term, public health approach to tackling the root causes of...
THE Alliance of Turkish Business people have lost a High Court case which they introduced against the Home Office due to amendment made to the immigration rules last year. The Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople had introduced the judicial review challenge advocating that the Home Office had operated unlawfully in inflicting...
According to the recent statement by the Resolution Foundation, the best way for young people to own their own home is having property owned by parents. Young people with parents which have property wealth are almost three times more likely to be home owners by 30. The report established by...
Memunatu Warne, 46, from Sierra Leone, died in a fire at a home in Centurion Square, Berber Parade, Greenwich in the early hours of 6 September. A 45-year-old woman was arrested yesterday on suspicion of conspiracy to murder; she is the 9th person to be arrested. She remains in custody...
DAYMER has organised a great day for both young people and families to attend a informative evenet where they will be able to ask questions in regards to education and their future career paths. The event is called ‘Choosing your pathway’, which is set to take place on Sunday, 2...
THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Union UK (KTGBI), founded by young people who were born and raised in England, and young people who came to England from Cyprus to live or study, came together with the TRNC Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyigit. Özyiğit stated that he cared about the founding...
POLITICIANs have urged people to come forward after a weekend of violence in Edmonton. During the weekend shooting and stabbing occurred in Edmonton which has left 7 people injured. No arrests have been made so far, however, police invoked stop and search powers from Sunday night to 8am this morning...
DELIVEROO riders across the capital and major will be display missing person posters on their backpacks as part of a campaign to find them in time for Christmas. 500 riders will display posters on the bags used to carry food as part of a campaign with charity Missing People.  The...
İngiliz aktör Idris Elba ‘People Magazine’ dergisi tarafından ‘yaşayan en seksi erkek’ seçildi. Şu sıralar hayranları tarafından bir sonraki James Bond olarak beyaz perdede görülmek istenen Idris Elba, pazartesi günü İngiltere’nin en çok satan dergilerinden People Magazine tarafından yaşayan en seksi erkek seçilmesi dikkatleri bir kez daha Elba’ya ve kariyerine çekti. Euronews’te yer...
JOAN Ryan MP has slammed the Conservative Government’s 2018 Budget for its failure to address 8 years of devastating cuts to Enfield. Commenting on the Budget, Joan Ryan MP said: “The people of Enfield are sick and tired of austerity and we have no confidence that the Government’s programme of...
COUNCILLORS objected the government’s austerity agenda as they accepted plans for £4.9 million worth of savings by 2020. Children’s services, adult social care and public health will face additional cuts as Enfield Council is finding it difficult to close an £18 million gap in its budget. Council has already pursued...
CHP UK Union, organised a panel based on the problems related to young people and their drug use. Many members of the CHP UK Union attended also, Dr. Pınar Demir, Dr. Ali Doğan, Dr. Ismail Bulut and Metropolitan Police Officers attended to the panel as speakers. Breakfast was provided before...