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Tag: local

Boris Johnson has given councils across England new powers that will mean they will be able to enforce lockdown on owners of shops, restaurants and pubs in areas that are hit hard by a Covid-19 outbreak. Local authorities would also be able to close public places, like parks, and cancel...
HACKNEY Council has announced a £100k fund to support local residents financially impacted by the coronavirus crisis, but unable to access the welfare system due to their immigration status, as it calls on the Government to scrap the ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition. the council said: ‘The fund will...
Ruling party AK party has called for the votes in Istanbul to be annulled after their objection to Sunday’s vote was re-counted and it was confirmed that the difference between Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) candidate  Ekrem Imamoglu and Justice and Development (AKP) Party candidate Binali Yildirim for the mayoral race was 19,000 Both candidates claim...
Turkey’s local elections took place on Sunday 31 March, with the ruling party losing key cities like the capital Ankara and Izmir.  It is still unconfirmed which party has won Istanbul. The media in Turkey and across the world have already claim Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party has suffered a ‘blow’...
Enfield belediyesi tarafından Alevi Federasyonu’nda “New Local Plan” başlığıyla Enfield bölgesinde yaşayan sakinleri bilgilendirme amaçlı cumartesi günü bir sunum gerçekleştirildi. Yapılan sunumda Enfield bölgesinde değişen demografik yapının konut ihtiyaçları ve yeni yapılanma ile alakalı bilgi alış verişi yapıldı. Sunuma Belediye yetkilileri yanı sıra güvenlik konuları noktasında insanları bilgilendirme amaçlı iki...
ALMOST one in five local hospital services are consistently failing to hit any of their key waiting-time targets, BBC analysis shows. Twenty-nine hospital trusts and boards out of 157 have not hit a single target for a whole year. Northern Ireland is struggling the most – all five trusts have...
POLITICIANs have urged people to come forward after a weekend of violence in Edmonton. During the weekend shooting and stabbing occurred in Edmonton which has left 7 people injured. No arrests have been made so far, however, police invoked stop and search powers from Sunday night to 8am this morning...
LOCAL authority funding is set to be cut as the government further reduces funding again, with council bosses in England say the “worst is yet to come”. The County Council Network (CCN) predicts “unpalatable cutbacks” next year as the councils identify at least £1bn savings to plug a £1.5bn shortfall...
JOAN Ryan MP has called on new Health Secretary Matt Hancock to honour the Government’s promise to give Enfield its fair share of extra GPs by 2020, following growing pressure on local health services. In a letter to the Health Secretary, Ms Ryan raised concern over Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group’s...
Council leaders and mayors has been officially determined in Enfield and also will be officially appointed in Haringey Thursday evening. The local authorities will have their first meeting subsequent to the elections on May 3. Enfield has elected Nesil Çalışkan as new council leader, who is aged 29 and will...
JOSEPH Ejiofor has been elected to be the new leader of Haringey Council prior to being elected leader of the local Labour group. Joseph has replaced Claire Kober who resigned due to a tension over a conflicting project known as the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV). Claire’s administration had conflicted with...
IN the local elections which took place last week the council members were elected and more than half of our community candidates were elected. The local elections held in some cities of England, especially London, took place on Thursday, May 3 from 07:00 to 22:00. The controversy with the Conservative Party...
LOCAL MPs share messages for Muslims observing the Ramadan month of fasting. Kate Osamor, Member of Parliament for Edmonton “I would like to send a special message and my very best wishes to Muslims in Enfield for the month of Ramadan ahead. I know it is an important time for...
THERESA May and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed about council tax bills just before local elections in England. During the Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn stated residents “paid more and got less” from Conservative councils. However, Theresa May asserted a range of residents in Labour- run  Lambeth were paying...
IN the local elections which will be happening today, our candidates will be competing from various parties and regions to be elected as councillors. In order to show support for our candidates in the local locations, it is vital for you to visit the poll stations in your area and...
BAYKAL Sürük has announced that he will be running as a local counsellor for Palmers Green from the Conservative party. The local elections are scheduled to be held on Thursday 3 May 2018. Baykal Sürük has stated that he is eager to represent the Palmers Green community and also stated...
MEMBERS of the Turkish speaking community gather together in a public meeting to discuss their concerns about Tottenham Park Cemetery, known as the Montague Road Cemetery.
TURKISH Women's Philanthropic Association of England welcomed the local press in London with a dinner party.