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Tag: work

Around a third of office workers in London plan to quit their jobs, research has found. Researchers surveyed more than 2,000 workers in the capital and found that 33 per cent are actively looking for new roles. Employees cited a lack of flexibility, poor work/life balance and wanting a higher...
People in England should work from home “if they can” to reduce social mixing and slow the spread of the virus, Michael Gove has said. The Cabinet Office Minister also told some news channels this moring that trials of spectators at sports fixtures would be “paused”. It comes as pubs,...
BİRLEŞİK KRALLIK HÜKÜMETİ İLE ORTAK HAZIRLANDI   Dünyayı etkisi altına alan ve milyonlarca insanı olumsuz etkileyen Koronavirüs salgını kontrol altına alınmaya çalışılırken, pek çok sektörde duran iş hayatı devlet yönetimlerinin belirlediği yeni çalışma koşul ve kurallarıyla yeniden faaliyete giriyor. Birleşik Krallık yönetiminin aldığı kararlar çerçevesinde oluşturulan yeni çalışma koşul ve...
The Government’s “back to work for some” message was in confusion today as commuters packed on to the London Underground, while Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab belatedly declared they were supposed to have stayed off until Wednesday. Levels of traffic on the roads and numbers of passengers on public transport appeared...
Nearly two-thirds of Londoners have skipped work because they were unable to pay for the commute, new research suggests. A new nationwide survey showed at least 60 per cent of people living in London had failed to go to work because of money problems. That compared to a national average of 39...
A sex work that caused the death of a maintenance manager when she set fire to a Westminster hotel room in a fit of rage after being underpaid has been jailed. Nora Es-Sadki Boughima, 19 of Cambridge Court, Sussex Gardens, was sentenced to six years imprisonment at the Old Bailey...
UNIVERSITY leaders are calling for changes to the UK visa system to allow international students to stay and work for two years after they graduate. Universities UK says otherwise overseas students, worth £26bn to the UK economy, will opt for countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. Research has...
A former prostitute used fake identification documents to obtain work with vulnerable adults and children, a court has heard. Fatou Johnson, 37, of Nutfield Gardens in Ilford, east London, worked in care homes and a school in Gloucestershire before her offences were detected. She pleaded guilty to two charges of...
Enfield Council has unveiled a £100,000 package of measures designed to tackle a big increase in the level of youth violence in the borough in recent months. Planned activities will include football, boxing, horticulture and cookery sessions but will also give youth workers an increased opportunity to do more work...
  IT has been announced that work has begun for the next period of cycle Enfield scheme. A multi-million pound network of cycle lanes has started last week on the A1010 South Corridor section of Cycle Enfield that will operate from Ponders End to White Hart Lane. It has been...
A developed Brexit application for EU nationals trying to stay in the UK will not function on iPhones in reference to MEPs. Home office official have admitted that the application for EU nationals to affirm settled status in the UK after Brexit will not work on iPhones. The Government app...
THE Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announces four new bank holidays in his St George’s Day speech. Corbyn stated that employees should receive more time off work after years of “damaging Tory Austerity.” Therefore, Labour is intending to establish new bank holidays to highlight the patron saits of England, Wales, Scotland...
Artist Tracey Emin revealed her latest work on April 10 at St Pancras Station, London. The 20 metre-long art work will be greeting the arrivals at the station with the message ‘I Want My Time With You’ handing from the roof stations in bring neon lights. Emin said that “I...
FIGURES portray that over £100 million has been used by the Department for Work and Pensions on administering reviews and appeals towards disability benefits in the past two years.
THE ENFIELD Council will be installing 54 high rise tower blocks with sprinklers and work set to start in the New Year.
ISLINGTON, North London has been announced as the worst area for a woman to live and work in Britain along with three other London Boroughs, a new study published earlier this week has shown.
People are being asked to gather to mark the moment, at noon on 21 August, when restoration work halts the hourly chimes.