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The divided U.N. Security Council on Oct. 10 failed to agree on a statement to condemn Turkey’s operation in Syria, as the United States and Russia refused to take part in a joint statement. The 15-member UNSC held a closed session on Turkey’s newly-launched “Operation Peace Spring” and the developments in northeastern Syria upon the call...
According to the recent statement by the Resolution Foundation, the best way for young people to own their own home is having property owned by parents. Young people with parents which have property wealth are almost three times more likely to be home owners by 30. The report established by...
TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncalı shared a statement in regards to the independent anniversary of Northern Cyprus. Tuncalı stated: “We share the happiness and pride of celebrating 35 years of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot public, for years of battling for independence, with the support from...
LONDON Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Umit Yalcin share a press statement and stated that he hoped to be able to come together with the members of the society on various occasions and to demonstrate support. The press statement shared on social media behalf of the Ambassador, as follows:...
WITH the approach of the Muharrem fasting month, the British Alevi Federeation has announced the dates for the Muharrem fasting. The British Alevi Federeation published a statement in relation to Muharrem fasting, statement is as follows: “With sadness and mourning, we once again feel all pain in the form of...
It has been recently announced that parking penalties will increase from August and the council has confirmed this statement. The standard of penalty charge notices for on and off-street parking is confirmed to increase to a maximum of £130 and a minimum of £80. At present standards, the maximum penalty...
A press statement was shared by the Atatürk Society UK on the Sivas masacre commemoration day. It stated that they will not forget the massacre stating: “On July 2nd 1993, during the Pir Sultan Abdal festivities in Sivas, 33 poets including Behçet Aysan, Metin Altıok, Uğur Kaynar, Hasret Gültekin, Nesimi...
The Turkish Lira has slid to a fresh historic low of 4.66 against the dollar following a statement from the credit rating agency Fitch on May 22. “Comments from the Turkish president raise the possibility that discretionary policymaking and policy predictability will come under pressure after June’s elections,” Fitch stated, referring to...
  THE first reaction from London to the election decision taken in Turkey came from Day-Mer. “The AKP government intends to fool the public once again” the statement shared with this title follows as: “Erdoğan and the Bahçeli alliance have taken this decision despite the mistake of going to a...
THE Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations shared a written statement about the Turkish Cyprus Culture Festival, which will be held this year. Explanations were also made in regards to the alternative Cyprus Festival which will be held under the umbrella of the Turkish Community Football Federation Turkish and Turkish Cypriot...
CHP UK Women's Association recently issued a press release against child marriage that's been recently been discussed in Turkey.
IN A STATEMENT from the Consulate General about the Ankara Agreement, which has been a topic of many ongoing rumours since the Brexit vote.
A statement has been made by Consul General Çınar Ergin regarding the subject as to whether the assets in Turkey of the Turkish community living abroad will be examined or not.
London Turkish Film Festival issued a statement, remarking the event needs the audience’s help to carry on funtioning, the press release followed statements as follow:
The UK’s Turkish Religious Affairs Minister Mahmut Özdemir, shared a press statement greeting their Eid and extending good wishes with regards to the holy day.
The Sabiha Gökçen Airport, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, hosted a total of 3.2 million passengers last month, according to a statement from the airport’s operation company.
Northern Cyprus President Mustafa Akıncı released a press statement on the 20 July Peace and Freedom Holiday.
The Turkish Embassy Press Office issues a statement with regards to the upcoming anniversary of 15 July, which marks the first year of the attempted coup in Turkey.