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Tag: Goverment

The chancellor has announced that self-employed people will be able to claim a grant worth 80% of their average monthly profits – up to £2,500 a month. Rishi Sunak said the measures would be in place for at least three months and amounted to “one of the most generous packages...
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a £30bn package to help the economy get through the coronavirus outbreak. He is abolishing business rates for many firms in England, extending sick pay and boosting NHS funding. He warned of a significant but temporary disruption to the UK economy but vowed: “We will...
Pound recovers from three-year low to rise against dollar as Britain looks set for set for snap election after Tory rebels lead revolt over No Deal Brexit The British pound bounced back this morning amid hopes for a further delay to Brexit after falling to a three-year low against the US dollar...
Boris Johnson has lost a key Brexit vote as MPs opposed to no deal take control of House of Commons business. The motion to take control of the House of Commons agenda has been passed by MPs. Ayes – 328 Nos – 301 Majority – 27 Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded...
NEXT year new controls on single-use plastic items will be introduced by the government to reduce ocean pollution. The measures cover plastic straws, plastic drinks stirrers and plastic cotton buds in England from April 2020. Only plastic drinks stirrers will be totally banned, currently, 316 million are used a year....
The Labour party’s governing body has agreed to support a further referendum on Brexit under certain circumstances. Demanding a public vote if it cannot get changes to the government’s deal or an election. The National Executive Committee rejected campaigning for a referendum under all circumstances – as supported by deputy...
A cross-party group of MPs has put forward a bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit in 10 days’ time. If passed into law, the bill would require the PM to ask for an extension of Article 50 – which mandates the UK’s exit from the EU – beyond the current...
IN reference to analysis for the BBC, the government has agreed contracts worth £104m for outside help on Brexit. Since the EU referendum, Whitehall has hired companies to do consultancy work to prepare for the UK’s EU exit. Companies with the most valuable Brexit contracts include Boston Consulting Group, PWC...
Theresa May’s Plan B has won parliament vote by 317 to 301, but only if the agreement is amended on backstop. Speaking in the Commons, today  May said she will attempt to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement and appealed for MPs to vote for an amendment that would give her a...
  It has been believed that MPs will vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, 15 January. It is also understood the government will set out further reassurances on the controversial backstop. Meanwhile, more than 200 MPs have signed a letter to Theresa May, urging her to rule out...
AROUND 4,600 disabled people have wrongly lost access to a benefit payment more than a year ago after missing an assessment, ministers have revealed. Their benefit funding was stopped even though they had “good reason” for not attending consultations for the new Personal Independence Payment. The Department for Work and...
  The Universal Credit system leaves too many UK claimants with children a choice between turning down jobs and getting into debt, MPs warn. The Work and Pensions Select Committee says the way parents have to pay for childcare up front and then claim it back afterwards is a “barrier...
  UNCLEAR clarity in Brexit has led the Bank of England to cut its UK growth forecast. The Bank said uncertainty over the UK’s departure from the EU had “intensified considerably” over the past month. Against a backdrop of weaker global growth, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to keep interest...
A 13-year-old boy who celebrated an alleged terror attack on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park has been referred to the government’s anti-extremism programme.
The Supreme Court has ruled against Theresa May's Brexit plans and decreed that MPs are entitled to vote on whether to trigger Article 50.