Brexit: May wins by 317 to 301 but only if the EU agrees

Theresa May's Plan B has won parliament vote by 317 to 301, but only if the agreement is amended on backstop.

Theresa May’s Plan B has won parliament vote by 317 to 301, but only if the agreement is amended on backstop.

Speaking in the Commons, today  May said she will attempt to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement and appealed for MPs to vote for an amendment that would give her a ‘mandate’ to demand the Irish border backstop is replaced.

Stating she will would go back to Brussels to get a “significant and legally binding change” to the controversial proposal, which aims to stop the return of border checks.

The EU has said it will not change the legal text agreed with the UK PM.

Mrs May said she knew there was a “limited appetite” in the EU, but she believed she could “secure” it.

Senior Brexiteer rebels such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg who voted down the PM’s deal last month have today indicated they would be willing to back the rest of the UK-EU Brexit deal if she gets legal changes to the backstop.

As well a the DUP indicated that they will be support May’s plan if she changes the legal changes to the backstop.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper has tabled an amendment to delay Brexit if no deal is reached by the end of February.

This has been supported by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who today stated that whatever happened in the votes later, it had “now become inevitable” that the government would have to extend Article 50,  the mechanism which means the UK leaves the EU on 29 March.



Tory’s Dominic Grieve proposed an amendment other options to be available to government such as a 2nd referendum or a no deal Brexit. This lost by 321 to 301.

Labour leader Jeremey Corbyn proposed an amendment government rule out the option of a  “disastrous No Deal”. This was lost  by 327 to 296

The Scottish National Party (SNP)  proposed an amendment that Brexit Article 50 to be extended, no Brexit deal to be ruled out. This was lost by 327 to 39.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper’s proposed an amendment that government to rule out the UK leaving the EU without a formal deal by allowing Parliament time to pass a new law. This was lost by 321 to 298.

an amendment that a there should not be a no-brexit deal. This won by just 8 votes of 318 to 308.

Tory’s Caroline Spelman and Labour’s Jack Dromey tproposed an amendment to try to prevent a no deal Brexit, and won the support of MPs by eight votes. 318 by 308.

What happens Next?

With such a short period of time left until 29 March,  MPs may need to work longer and lose their February half-term break if Brexit is to be delivered on time.

The government is to consult Parliament on what extra hours will be needed to get its legislation onto the statute book before the planned 29 March exit.

The EU officials have already stated they will not re-negate the terms on the deal, May has said she will go back to re-open negotiation on backstop with the EU. Even thought she spoke with today that have clear stated they will no make any changes.


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