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Tag: election

Ersin Tatar has been elected as the 5th president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Last night Tatar beat his rival independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı by winning 51.69% of the votes. Akıncı received 48.31%  of the votes. Of the 113,931 votes cast on Sunday’s second round, Tatar received 67,322...
Ibrahim Dogus the Labour candidate for West Bromwich East and a Turkish-speaking candidate has lost to Nicola Faye Richards from the Conservative Party.   RESULTS VOTES Ibrahim Dogus Labour 15,211 Nicola Faye Richards Conservative 16,804 Andy Graham Liberal Democrat 1,313 Mark Nicholas Redding Green 627 Christian Mosiah Lucas Brexit 1,475 George...
RESULTS VOTES Kate Osamor Labour 26,217 James Andrew Hockney Conservative 10,202 David Schmitz Liberal Democrat 2,145 Benjamin Maydon Green 862 Sachin Sehgal Brexit 840 Sabriye Warsame Independent 75 The EU referendum results the votes for Edmonton : Leave 45.51% Remain 54.49% Edmonton’s results for General election, 2017 LAB: 71.5% CON:...
Neva Novaky Conservative candidate for Garston and Halewood and a Turkish-speaking candidate has lost to Maria Eagle from the Labour Party. RESULTS VOTES Neva Novaky Conservative 6,954 Maria Eagle Labour 38,578 Kris Brown Liberal Democrat 3,324 Jean-Paul Roberts Green 1,183 Jake Fraser Brexit 2,943 Hazel Lee Williams Liberal 344 In...
Gönül Daniels Conservative candidate for Arfon and a Turkish-speaking candidate has lost to Hywel Williams from the Plaid Cymru. RESULTS VOTES Gönül Daniels Conservative 4,428 Steffie Williams Roberts Labour 10,353 Gary Gribben Brexit 1,159 Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru 13,134   In the EU referendum results for votes for Arfon: Leave...
Tonight Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will go head-to-head later for the final time during the election campaign when they take part in a live BBC One debate. The hour-long programme, hosted by presenter Nick Robinson, will be on at 8.30 pm tonight. It will be the last time the...
With just one week to go until the general election, all major parties have released their manifestos. A long list of promises has been made by all parties, with Brexit will be an obvious battleground for each party’s election campaign. The parties have set out big promises they plan to implement if elected form the...
People who want to take part in the general election on 12 December have until midnight to register. Those in England, Scotland or Wales who want to apply to vote by post have until 17:00 GMT to do so. People who want someone to vote on their behalf have until...
The High Court is considering separate legal challenges from the Lib Dems and SNP over their exclusion from ITV’s general election debate. Its head-to-head between Conservative leader Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn takes place on Tuesday. But the SNP and Lib Dems say it is unfair not to...
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced his party will back a vote for an early general election today after the party block three votes for an election saying they would not back it until a no-deal Brexit off the table. Corbyn said his condition of taking a no-deal Brexit off the...
PLANS to make all UK voters prove their identity will “disproportionately” discriminate against ethnic minorities, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said. The government outlined plans in the Queen’s speech on Monday to require people to bring photo ID to polling stations in order to vote. Mr Corbyn claimed the move was an...
The EU and leading member states have sharply criticised a decision in Turkey to re-run Istanbul’s mayoral election, after a shock opposition win. An EU spokesperson called on Turkey’s electoral body to explain the controversial decision “without delay”. Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Mass called the re-run “incomprehensible”. The move was...
CHP UK, held their general assembly held in London, selecting the new president. In the general assembly held in London, Kazim Gül won 204 votes and the CHP became the new president. The 5th Ordinary General Assembly held at The Selby Centre Tottenham saw a large number of its members...
The candidate Ekrem Imamoglu of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Turkish government’s main opposition party has been declared Istanbul’s new mayor, despite a pending appeal from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to invalidate the vote and hold a rerun. Nearly three weeks after the election, Imamoglu received the mandate...
AYHAN Peker, has announced himself as a candidate for the CHP UK 5th term president election. Peker slogan for ‘Honest Leadership, Strong Management’ set out the way he plans to lead CHP UK if he is elected. With his vision for his party made clear in his statement. “The existing...
Ruling party AK party has called for the votes in Istanbul to be annulled after their objection to Sunday’s vote was re-counted and it was confirmed that the difference between Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) candidate  Ekrem Imamoglu and Justice and Development (AKP) Party candidate Binali Yildirim for the mayoral race was 19,000 Both candidates claim...
Turkey’s local elections took place on Sunday 31 March, with the ruling party losing key cities like the capital Ankara and Izmir.  It is still unconfirmed which party has won Istanbul. The media in Turkey and across the world have already claim Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party has suffered a ‘blow’...
  AN investigation requested by London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime into the Metropolitan Police’s handling of electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets has revealed that a lack of oversight from senior officers led to a number of failings in the initial police inquiry in 2014. The failings resulted in...