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Tag: Cancer

Analysis of thousands of tumours from NHS patients has identified a ‘treasure trove’ of new clues about the causes of cancer. In the biggest study of its kind, researchers at Cambridge University Hospitals looked at the genomes of more than 12,000 people with cancer in England. They spotted 58 new patterns in their DNA, called...
IN his clinic in London, dermatology expert Dr Benar who is also well known for his aesthetic treatments of famous models and movie stars gave a warning for those enjoying the sunshine. The  Turkish Cypriot doctor said “Sunburns are a visible reaction on the skin as a result of exposure...
THE London Angles Cancer Association (LACA), which was established in London to support cancer patients and organises important projects, made a donated to the Cancer Patient Assistance Association (KHYD). LACA Chairwomen Aydın Hassan announced that they have sent second aid packages to KHYD. Just last month  LACA  donated  9 walking...
BRUSHING your teeth regularly could cut your risk of developing cancer of the mouth or stomach, according to a study. Scientists at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health tracked thousands of people for more than 20 years to uncover the link. They found people with a history of gum...
  The NHS has realised figures showing that some 100,000 patients a month have not been referred for cancer check due to fears of coronavirus. A total of 106,535 people with suspected cancer symptoms were referred by their GP for diagnostic checks in May – just over half the 200,599...
24-year-old Talia Tosun has lost her life after battling cancer last night. In a social media post shared by the ‘Swab for Talia’ page set up to appeal for donation announced the sad news that Talia lost her battle against cancer after months of treatment. Talia was born and raised in...
 A devastated bride-to-be whose fiancé received a shock brain tumour diagnosis after nearly crashing their car on holiday in Cyprus spoke with the mail online about how they are now struggling to make ends meet after she gave up her dream job to care for him. Ariona Kryeziu, 20, of...
DOZENS of people participated in the first campaign, hosted by the Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA). The event that took place on Wednesday evening, October 16, gave hope to the interest of young people of all ages, especially young people. Tahsin Bilginer, an experienced doctor who spoke to Londra Gazete...
On May 7th Talia Tosun was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leaukimia(ALL) a blood cancer, and appeal started for the 24-year-old after she was told that she needs a bone marrow transplant due to chemotherapy being ineffective. Unfortunately, her sister isn’t a match, nor is anybody currently on the Anthony Nolan donor...
By Cihan Şenlik 24-YEAR-OLD Talia Tosun describes by her mother as an incredibly passionate and driven young lady with a zest for life at faces the toughest challenges in her life after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leaukimia a form of blood cancer in May. Talia was born and raised...
A boy with cancer has been given the all-clear after he had treatment in Turkey he was denied on the NHS. Charlie Ilsley, 12, had targeted radiotherapy on spinal tumours after travelling to the country. His mum Toni Ilsley says if she had not managed to raise the money for...
AN apple a day may keep cancer and heart disease at bay. Scientists find people who eat more flavonoid-rich foods are less likely to die of the killer conditions The saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and now research has suggested there’s truth to the...
DRINKING just one bottle of wine a week, that’s less than one small (125ml) glass of wine a day, increases the lifetime risk of cancer by the same amount as smoking 10 cigarettes a week for women and five for men, according to new research. In a study published in the BMC Public Health journal, scientists set out to discover...
IVAN Dagg had just 6% chance of living after he was found to have stage 4 bowel cancer, the 53 year old father of two is now celebrating after being declared cancer free tanks to a first of its kind operation. Ivan first notice health problems back in 2013, he...
GPs with patients who have a persistent sore throat, combined with shortness of breath, trouble swallowing or earache, should consider cancer as the cause, according to new research. Currently, it is recommended patients with persistent hoarseness or an unexplained neck lump are investigated for throat or laryngeal cancer. Cancer Research...
LONDON’S Helping Angels, which was founded to support cancer patients continues to portray success projects in its second year. The London Helping Angels organised a special ball for their 2nd anniversary at the Regency Banqueting Suit located in Tottenham. TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncalı, TRNC London Consul Buket Kop, North...
MUSTAFA Camgöz, was one of the chairman’s of Cancer Research at Imperial College, known to be one of the world’s leading universities. Mustafa Camgöz gave a lecture on cancer awareness and one of the guest speakers at the event organised by Turkish Forum UK, one of the active non-governmental organisations...
LONDON Angels Cancer Association organised a seminar based on cancer awareness. The seminar was presented by the Honorary President of the association, Dr. Teoman Sırrı. The seminar was held at the Turkish Cypriot Community Center (TCCA) on Sunday, October 21. Dr. Teomon Sırrı is well known with the Turkish speaking...