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Tag: increase

Travellers returning from red list destinations could be facing paying an extra £500 to pay for their quarantine hotel stay. Under plans reportedly being considered, the price could increase to more than £2,250 in a bid to stop people from making ‘unnecessary trips’ to high-risk countries. Ministers are said to...
More than 250,000 workers at living wage employers are set for a pay rise after the independently-calculated figure for the real living wage was increased to £9.50 an hour and £10.85 in London. The real living wage is not compulsory on employers, but the 2.1 per cent increase in the...
Tough new limits on social gatherings have come into force in the UK, meaning it is now illegal for groups of more than six to meet up. The “rule of six” kicked in at midnight across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in a divisive push to curb the recent surge in coronavirus infections. Yesterday, more than...
The Health Secretary appealed to under 25s, particularly those aged 17 to 21, to take the guidelines seriously because “nobody wants to see a second wave here”. He said this age group accounted for a large number of positive cases, concentrated among more affluent young people. It comes as one million...
THE Royal Mail is increasing the cost of postage, with first-class stamps rising 6p to 76p and second-class up 4p to 65p. Prices will climb from 23 March, less than a year after they were hiked to their current levels. The 65p second-class stamp is the maximum under an Ofcom...
UNEMPLOYMENT increased faster in London than in the rest of the UK, according to new figures. The unemployment rate unexpectedly rose to an estimated 4.6% in the June-to-August period, compared to 3.9% nationally. The Office for National Statistics said employment growth had “cooled noticeably”. But the unemployment rate is still close to...
ROUGH-SLEEPING figures in London have hit a record high, with 8,855 people recorded as bedding down on the capital’s street last year, according to annual Chain figures published by the Greater London Authority. The latest figures were two and half times the equivalent number recorded in 2009-10 when 3,673 people were identified...
JANUARY the month in which drinks say no to alcohol… or maybe not this year, figures have shown that sales of alcohol have increase 10% compared to December festival period. Supermarkets have seen a “Dry January” boost in sales rather than a presumed fall. As new hashtag #Ginuary helped gin...
AFTER 9 years of no increase in their council tax, Haringey Council is consulting to increase its council tax in order to support deal with increasing budget pressures. £122 million reduction in government funding has mean hard cuts in service and the budget have had to be made. The council...
A survey has suggested that an average price of student accommodation in the UK has increased by almost a third in six years. The increase has been triggered by the standard of accommodation moving away steadily upmarket, research by student housing charity Unipol and the National Union of Students (NUS)...
EFFORTS to increase the number of people shopping on UK High Streets has been given a boost by search giant Google. It has teamed up with start-up NearSt to help consumers see what is available in their local shops via the web. The search results will also tell people the...
THE number of thefts and robberies at cash machines in London has gone up by nearly 60 per cent over the last ten years. A Freedom of Information (FoI) request by MoneySuperMarket has revealed how from 2007 to 2017 there were nearly 1,400 robberies and thefts by ATMs in the...
POWERFUL painkillers fentanyl has increased deaths by a third, has stated by figures. According to the figures, there were 75 fatalities in relation to the opioid in England last years, thus a rise of 29% since 2016. The results published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) additionally illustrate an...
UK house prices marked a boost last month marking a great increase at the fastest annual pace since November, stated by the Halifax. The lender assets that prices during the three months to July increased by 3.3% from a year earlier, with the average cost of a house hitting a...
A million public sector workers are to receive their biggest pay rise in nearly 10 years, the government announces. Inclusive of 2.9% extra this year for the armed forces, 2.75% for prison officers and up to 3.5% for teachers. Police will see a 2% rise, the same increase seen by GPs...
Enfield Council has unveiled a £100,000 package of measures designed to tackle a big increase in the level of youth violence in the borough in recent months. Planned activities will include football, boxing, horticulture and cookery sessions but will also give youth workers an increased opportunity to do more work...
Moody’s ratings expects problem loans at Turkish banks to increase to more than 4 percent of loans over the next 12-18 months compared with a low of 2.9 percent in May, the ratings agency said in a statement on July 16. Moody’s said a spike in the problem loans was credit negative...
It has been recently announced that parking penalties will increase from August and the council has confirmed this statement. The standard of penalty charge notices for on and off-street parking is confirmed to increase to a maximum of £130 and a minimum of £80. At present standards, the maximum penalty...