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Tag: event

THE Turkish holiday of “Victory Day” which fall onto 30 August will be celebrated 26 August Sunday at Highbury Fields. The event has been organised by Atatürk Thought Association. The association has underlined the importance of celebrating and remembering such an important day. Further stated: “30 August Victory Day is...
ENGLAND International Democratic Union (UID UK), organised an event on Sunday 15 July to commemorate the coup attempt which occurred 15 July 2016. The event took place at Parliament Square in central London, the purpose of the event was to commemorate the citizens who lost their lives two years ago....
TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay has announced that he will be visiting London. Kudret Özersay will hold an event at Grand Palace on Thursday, 19 July at 19:30 pm to discuss the Project aimed at Turkish Cypriots living abroad. On July 20, at 15:00...
LONDON Helping Angels have organised a charity event on Friday, June 22 at Köşk restaurant. Many guests attended to this joyful and meaningful event, inclusive of the TRNC London Representative Zehra Başaran, TRNC London Consul Ülkü Alemdar and many other society members attended. Throughout the year the charity organisation has...
A commemoration event will be held in London for the 35 lost lives at the 1993 Sivas Madımak Hotel fire. The British Alevi Federation has published a press statement about the commemoration event. The following information was shared in relation to the event: “25 years have passed since the Sivas...
    A book titled “Sultan and Long Foot” was introduced in London, written by Sonay Yakup Yakupsoy, one of the best-known writers of London and Northern Cyprus. The book promotion event was organised by London’s Helping Angels on 18 May Friday event at Regency Banqueting. Zehra Başaran of the...
Researcher and journalist Faik Bulut explained his book “How did we come from Khorasan? The Alevi path” to his readers from London. More than 100 people attended to the event which took place on Sunday 20 May at the Turkish – Kurdish Solidarity Centre (Day-Mer). The event took place in...
Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities living in the UK are preparing to meet on the week of friendship and peace. The Union of Cypriots in the UK (EKA) together with the Turkish Cypriot Organisations, Cypriot Artists Platform UK and Turkish Cypriot Association for Democracy has organised a  joint event...
19 May Commemoration of Atatürk was celebrated with great enthusiasm at center of CHP UK located in Edmonton, on Sunday 20 May. The event was organised by the CHP Youth Union, many young and elderly people attended the event. The chairwomen of CHP UK, Sibel Özçelik made the opening speech...
  THE ‘Woman and Art’ event was organised by of the London Art Forum and took place on 27 April, Friday evening at the TRNC London Representative. The event lasted for two hours and there was intense interest towards the event. The participants consisted of the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic...
WOMEN’S Platform UK, in conjunction with the Lifetime Learning, organised a cinema club Project event at Angel house, 225, Marshall Wall, London E14 9FW. On the evening of 27 April, the members of the platform watched a film called ‘The Kite Runner’ which is based on a novel written by...
AKEL Political Party members Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu and Kostas Misiaoulis were commemorated at a special event dedicated to their legacy in London. The event took place on Thursday, 12 April 2017 at Cypriot Community Centre. Opening the event with his speech, Takis Hadjigeorgiou from AKEL stated: “The collapse of the...
THE Regaip Kandili program was organised by the Turkish Cypriot Islamic Society at the Turkish Cypriot Community Association in Haringey, TCCA. The event was held on 23 March Friday evening whereby the TRNC London representative Zehra Basaran, TRNC London Consul Ülkü Alemdar, president of Limassol Association Arife Retvan and members...
AN event was held for the Cypriot writer, researcher, and poet Yaşar İsmailoğlu on 15 March Thursday evening at the Turkish Cypriot Community Association. During the event the poet’s poems were read in both English and Turkish, also Yaşar İsmailoğlu’s poet identity was emphasised in particular. Yaşar İsmailoğlu has accomplished...
THE FIRST event organised by the art forum was devoted to the space poet, Osman Türkay.
JOURNALIST Ugur Mumcu and other democracy martyrs where remembered in the event organised by the Atatürk Society UK (ADD).
A COMMEMORATION event was organised on Friday 19th January by the Armenian Institute, Article 19 and English Pen at Free World Centre for the 11th anniversary of the assassination of Istanbul Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.
WITH THE approach of the New Year, managers and members of +1 Turkey held its last meeting of 2017 and looking at the future event in 2018.