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TRNC Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyigit held a press conference at the TRNC London Representation office on Friday, November 16 within the scope of visits in London. In the press conference which took place in the TRNC office, Ozyigit was accompanied by TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncali, TRNC Elementary...
A commemoration night was organised by TCCA on the night of 16 November, after the funeral of Hulus Ibrahim, one of the most important figures of the left struggle, who had to come to London when he was the leader of trade union in Cyprus. The event took place in...
TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu held a press meeting at the TRNC London Representative Office. Ataoğlu made his first visit to the London Representative Office of the TRNC during his visit in London. Ataoğlu came together with the Representative Oya Tuncalı and held a meeting with the...
ENFIELD Housing Partnership is hosting a Landlords Forum event on 18 October Thursday evening. The demand for privately rented accommodation continues to rise making it even more important for landlords to keep up to date with their responsibilities to provide safe and secure accommodation whilst at the same time, it...
TURKEY’S reaction to boost tariffs on US imports has helped to increase its weakened currency. A decree signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the tariffs on cars to 120%, on alcoholic drinks to 140% and on leaf tobacco to 60%. The lira increased 3%, also helped by measures aimed...
THE Turkish holiday of “Victory Day” which fall onto 30 August will be celebrated 26 August Sunday at Highbury Fields. The event has been organised by Atatürk Thought Association. The association has underlined the importance of celebrating and remembering such an important day. Further stated: “30 August Victory Day is...
THE International Democratic Union (UID), which serves in the United Kingdom has hosted an iftar dinner on Wednesday, June 13 at the Turkish Religious Foundation building. Turkey’s Ambassador of London Abdurraham Bilgiç, London Consul General Çinar Ergin, TRNC London Representative Zehra Başaran, Kahramanmaraş AK Party MP Mehmet Uğur, UID Chairman...
LONDON is considered to be one of the most important theatre centres in the world, has hosted the second Turkish Theatre Festival. The first Turkish Theatre Festival was organised with the initiative of Saray Karakuş and Ümit Baysal last year and this year again there was great interest in the...
IN East End Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in London will be featuring the new products of Kurdish and Turkish cinema. The 17th edition of the East End Film Festival (EEFF) will take place from April 11th to 29th 2018 and will be held jointly with...
THE BOOK of attachment by Fethi Gemuhluoglu, who has an important place in the culture of Turkish culture of author Nuri Pakdil, was translated into English by the Yunus Emre Institute London Representative.
BARONESS Hussein Ece, the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for equalities, touched upon an important issue prior to the Parliamentary break for Christmas.
The food industry fears it will be hit with the cost of a new inspection regime if Britain leaves the EU without a trade deal.
As Muğla province becomes more widely known as a favorite holiday destination among British tourists, the province, which is one of Turkey's most important tourism hubs, is now becoming home to many foreigners who have decided to settle in the region.