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Tag: student

STUDENTS and graduates in England will pay up to 12% interest on their loans this autumn, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The rate will dip in March 2023, when a cap on the interest will kick in. The IFS says a rollercoaster of interest rates lies ahead,...
A student who punched a hole in a £20 million Picasso painting at the Tate Modern in a bid for his “five minutes of fame” has been jailed for 18 months. Shakeel Ryan Massey, 20, armed himself with metal padlocks and wrapped his hands in scarves to smash through protective glass and damage the...
Enfield Alevi Culture Centre held a performance night for their young students to showcase what they have learnt during their classes during the 2019-2020 academic year. The young students took to the Millfield Theatre stage, with the seats full, from their musical performances to the dance the family and friends...
Born and raised in England, 28-year-old Binnaz Yaşar a young Turkish woman has achieved a great success by gaining full marks in her Specialization Oncology exam. Binnaz Yasar has shown with dedication and hard work no matter what you set your goal or how long it takes it can be...
A student who was told by a Tinder match that a dress she was wearing looked “awful” is now modelling the outfit on Asos. Thea Lauryn Chippendale, 20, received a message from a man who described the outfit as a “charity shop job”. The dress is from Asos and the...
STUDENTS could soon start school at 10am after MPs backed a campaign to give them a lie-in. A petition started by an 18-year-old to help “tired teenagers” won 183,000 signatures – triggering a Commons debate over the bold proposal. The campaign started by 18-year-old Hannah Kidner from Tiverton, Devon, claims...
A medical student who helped deliver a baby at a central London Tube station said it was a panicked situation. Hamzah Selim, 21, was on his way home from an anatomy lecture when he heard a woman screaming at Warren Street Station on Tuesday afternoon. The first-year medic rushed to...
A survey has suggested that an average price of student accommodation in the UK has increased by almost a third in six years. The increase has been triggered by the standard of accommodation moving away steadily upmarket, research by student housing charity Unipol and the National Union of Students (NUS)...
21 year old Merve Nur Ucar has just successful completed her Law degree with a 1st from University of Central Lancashire. The 21 year old student living in Manchester, England traveled for hours every week to and from her home and university daily. Even with the struggle of daily commute...
DENIZ Gezmiş, Yusuf Aslan and Hüseyin İnan, three student leaders executed in 1972 were commemorated in London to mark the anniversary of their death. Memorial ceremonies were held with two different events, one was organized in the Turkish Kurdish Community Solidarity Centre (Day Mer) and the other event was organised...
A picture of Theresa May has been taken down at the University of Oxford to protect it from protests by students. The picture of the prime minister, part of a celebration of women who had studied at the university, had been “obscured” by critical messages. The portrait had been “plastered”...
    A number of law students have been expelled from the University of Exeter over allegations of racism. An internal investigation was launched in March after “vile” comments from Bracton law society’s WhatsApp group were shared on social media. Those involved received expulsions, suspensions and other sanctions, according to...
TURKISH students studying in different universities across the UK and who have received a scholarship by the Ministry of Education, came together with the Ministry of Education Undersecretary Yusuf Tekin, at a meeting held in London.
A student who died after eating a burger had checked its ingredients with a waiter, an inquest has heard.
The marathon organized by ALİKEV Foundation, which was established with the aim of supporting the memory of Ali İsmail Korkmaz, who was beaten and killed by the police during the events of Gezi Park
The government is not shifting on plans to increase interest charges on student loans in England - which will rise to up to 6.1% from the autumn term.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that his party did not make a commitment to write off existing student debt during the general election campaign.