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Mouth-watering appetizer from the brand everyone reaches for Mr.Dips

Mouth-watering appetizer from the brand everyone reaches for Mr.Dips

Mr.Dips offers a delicious, wonderful appetizer which ensures that you will be craving it more and more after just one bite. The brand has because a household name, having crafted and perfected our favourite dips for years Mr.Dips has been providing quality and great ingredients in their products.

Over the years with the introduction of Turkish and Cypriot cuisines with restaurants and TV cooking shows there has been a widespread craze for the Eastern Mediterranean ‘meze’ dishes become a firm favourite across the kitchen in the UK. With expertise, Mr.Dips has mastered its dips which have become so popular in our fridge’s, with different sizes available to fit all occasions, from snacks, to appetizers with dinner or part of a meze, plus no barbeque is complete without them!


Hasan Erdin the General Director of Mr.Dips, explains how the product range has grown with the leadership of his expert staff. Mr Dirps definitely leads its rank in the food industry. The successful businessman Hasan Erdin has over 15 years of professional experience that has established a great brand which is one of the leading producers of Mediterranean dips and salads. Mr.Dips is a registered trademark with an international quality management system. Manufacturing all of its products in a modern site, operated in accordance with HACCP and ISO9001 guidelines to ensure the highest quality reaches its customers.

All ingredients are specially sourced and imported to meet their high-quality standards. Along with his Professional experience in the appetizers sector, Hasan Erdin, a young Turkish Cypriot businessman who has portrayed great accomplishments in this field for many years, provides a wide variety of appetizers to supermarkets, hotels, food wholesalers, catering companies and restaurants in the United Kingdom. Thus, Mr.Dips firmly continues to offer one of the substantial appetizers around the UK.


The most important thing in appetizer is that an appetizer should not be very hard to eat. It should be light yet tempting. The main function of appetizers is to increase your hunger and prepare you for the main course. Dips are a great mini-dish to have Mr.Dips has perfected their receipt making the line of dips perfect refreshing dips, light and tasty with different options available to make sure everyone’s favourite is desires.  With a wide range of products, Mr.Dips has created different dips and unique blends which you are sure to enjoy.  The products are a healthier alternative to traditional snack foods and spread.


 Mr.Dips also specialises in strained yoghurt and has introduced a new product, proudly announces its specialized yoghurt from fresh cow milk, which makes it suitable for vegetarians.  The health benefits of yoghurt provide means you can get numerous vitamins and minerals and is relatively low in calories. Yoghurt also is a great ingredient to add to recipes when you want to extend a leftover, it also makes a great healthy option to add to shakes or smoothies. Or if you want to keep it traditional on the side of any plate yoghurt is a perfectly refreshing taste with your food, Mr.Dip’s Yoghurts are the products of great additions to any meal.


The General Director of Mr.Dips Hasan Erdin, continues to add new alternatives to his list of appetizers, the wide range of products are inclusive of the following; Hummus, Taramasalata, Tzatziki, Yogurt, Roasted red pepper & feta cheese, Tahini dip, hummus with roasted red pepper, hummus with olive, hummus with jalapeno, hummus with avocado, hummus with aubergine, mixed olive salad, chickpea salad, mixed bean salad, couscous salad, falafel and falafel with hummus.  With a large range of product, Mr.Dips is brand which will enrich and bring your dinner table, products and customers with its mouth-watering tasty products.


Mr.Dips General Director Hasan Erdin


Speaking to Londra Gazete, the Mr.Dips General Director Hasan Erdin stated: “We are proud to be one of the first names which come to mind when we talk about meze in the United Kingdom. We work really hard to expand the range of high-quality products to our customers also to ensure our products satisfy the expectations of our customers. Mr.Dips line of refrigerated dips and yoghurts are perfect for a wide variety of uses as a dip, a spread, or as a side dish – whether eaten alone or for entertaining and get-togethers. Our products are a healthier alternative to traditional snack foods and spread. All our products are natural, made with Greek-style yoghurt also consists of low fat. For that reason, we supply a huge variety to all consumers being supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, and restaurants. With over 15 years’ experience Mr.Dips always our mission is to continually improve our products and services to meet our customer’s needs.”

In regards to the terms of nutritional value, resources used in appetizers products and the health benefits, Hasan Erdin further commented: “According to my experience of 15 years in this sector, we worked non-stop to improve and expand our products range, therefore, as Mr Drips we are extremely thankful for the interest and support portrayed by our customer. As the Dips team, we are doing our job with great excitement and along with the great support we receive, our motivation is constantly multiplied. The products we provide are not only supported by the Turkish speaking community but also well favoured by all ethnic backgrounds in the UK. Therefore, we also have a cultural mission to reflect our traditional taste to other communities. In line with this mission, we continue to illustrate hard work without compromising on international quality standards.”


If you would like to taste these amazing and delicious products and get your Ramadan dinner’s table ready with the health and tasty products available, you can visit Mr.Dips which is located at 1/B Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, London E17 5QJ. You may also give a call from this number 0203 225 10 07 or email Mr.Dips for further information and any enquiries you have, they offer a wide range of sizes and products which mean not only are they great for household kitchens but caterers, restaurants and many more can enjoy in their products.


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