Barış Küçük funeral’s being held in Haringay

Image: Halil Yetkinlioglu

A funeral will be held for Barış Küçük who lost his life as a result of a fatal knife attack. Democratic Forces Union announced that a funeral will be held on Thursday 27 June 2019.

Barış was stabbed in an attacked at 3 am on Saturday 1 June. Mr Küçük was taken to a north London hospital but sadly lost his life on Monday 3 June.

Barış Küçük

The announcement made by the Democratic Forces Union: “In the UK, knife attacks, which are increasingly growing as a social problem, are aimed at the whole of the society.

To all institutions and organisations operating in the UK, we insist that we will follow the event.

The funeral will be held at the Kurdish Community Centre on Thursday, June 27 at 10 am and then walk to Highgate Cemetery.

We will shout that one of the main reasons for the knife attacks during the march is social cuts and austerity policies. We will express an intense social sensitivity to these grave events.

As the Democratic Forces Union, we call for everyone’s participation; for the future of our children and society, we care about not being imprisoned in darkness.

Let’s say we stop the attacks before another Peace goes! ”

Barış Küçük funeral will take place today (Thursday, June 27) 11 Portland Gardens, Harringay, N4 1HU address at the Kurdish Community Center will be held at 10.00 am . After the funeral, the walk will begin at 11.00.

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