End of Ramadan set to boost sales for West End retailers

West End retailers are anticipating a rise in middle eastern customers celebrating the end of Ramadan with a shopping spree, research showed on Friday.

New West End Company, representing 600 traders around Oxford Street and Bond Street, forecasts Muslim tourists will contribute heavily to the £13 million it expects international shoppers to spend next month — up 53% on last year.

NWEC analyst Artjom Hatsaturjants said the end of Ramadan on Tuesday “signals a period of celebrations and gift giving”.

On average, Middle Eastern visitors spend £1447 on each shopping trip, according to tax-free shopping firm Global Blue. West End shops missing out on £1bn a year because of Crossrail delays

Simon Cotton, the boss of cashmere specialist Johnstons of Elgin said: “We have seen a rise in shoppers from the Middle East of over 60% over the last year to our New Bond Street store.  They now make up approximately 25% of our customer base in London.”

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