Londoners gathered for morning Eid prayer

MUSLIM’S living in the capital of London, woke to morning prays on Tuesday 4 June for the last day of Ramadan. Prayers took place across the capital mosques, with thousands flocking together to end the month of Ramadan and start their Eid. In the early hours of the morning, many mosques were held prayers, here at Londra Gazete we attended four-morning prayers in London where the Turkish speaking community heavy attend, sharing Facebook lives videos from all those who were unable to attend could watch the early morning prayers.



One of the mosques that our society has been going to intensely, the first prayer was held at 06:00 and the second at 07:00. Before the prayer, Burhan Aygun spoke of the importance of unity and solidarity to Muslims.

Hundreds of people from different nationalities attended the festival after the prayer of the Muslims celebrated.



Another address for London’s Muslims was the Shacklewell Lane – Ramadan Mosque, one of the first Turkish mosques in our society. Dozens of Muslim gather at 07.20 and attended the festival of prayer. Muslims, who lived after the prayer and the sermon which was read, lived together with the joy of the feast.

The synagogue was bought in 1977 by the late businessman Ramadan Güney, a Cypriot businessman, and has been serving our community members as a mosque ever since.


Aziziye Mosque, which is one of the mosques of Turkish society, was also a festival excitement. Thousands of Muslims attended the first of the prayers at 05.45 o’clock, the second at 07.00 and the third at 08.00. London Consul General of Turkey Cinar Ergin also attended. After the prayer fast was broken with a feast after the Imam Halim Yazıcıoğlu, who advised people to see the works that would benefit people both in this world and in the Hereafter, prayers were prayed and celebrated.

Aziziye Cami


The Turkish Religious Foundation Mosque was filled with people who came for the Eid prayer in the morning.

The Turkey Ambassador to London Umit Yalcin attended the Eid prayer at 6:30 also with Turkey Embassy in London and Religion Services Counsel Mahmut Özdemir together with hundreds of Muslims joined together for morning prayers. The two-storey mosque was filled with prayer for the people of prayer.

Türk Diyanet Vakfı Cami


New Peckham Mosque in South London, Ramadan Feast of excitement took place. Hundreds of Muslims gathered at 07.00 and 8.00 hrs. Hundreds of people listening to the sermons read and prayed together was halal and celebrated.

People at the end of the Eid prayer, creating long queues and feast with each other, organized in the mosque centres, breakfast and lunch activities continued to celebrate.

New Peckham Cami


From the Londra Gazete family, we send our well wishes to our readers, community and the Islamic world celebrating the end of Ramadan. We hope you a joyful and happy festival of Eid al-Fitr,  Eid Mubarak.


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