Ukay Catering’s extraordinary sauces for your Ramadan table

With over 50-year experience Ukay Catering is a leader in the UK sauces sector, providing that extra to make sure your experience is always enhanced. With consideration to health, community and its customers’ needs this is why Ukay Catering is a household name.


Ukay Catering was established during the 1970s and a result of its modern, advanced and efficient technology the company has managed to formulate an essential brand with distinctive blends alongside wide choices of sauces which, has firmly enlarged over the years. The family-run business is managed by Işık Vedat, alongside its next-generation members of the family Alper Vedat and Işın Vedat guiding the business forward.

The well-known brand has become a favourite across hundreds of thousands of people kitchens European countries, especially in Italy, Greece, France, and Belgium, leaving a mark on the palate of millions of people, meeting the needs of large food wholesalers and thousands of businesses in the UK.

 Priding itself in using mostly natural ingredients when creating their sauces and sides not only does it offer a flavourful option but a healthier one. The company manufactures 450ml, 650ml and 900ml ketchup, brown and barbeque sauces for the retail sector, offering varieties ranging from 1 to 4 litres for takeaway, restaurants, cafes and other food businesses. Ukay Catering also offers its customers a variety of wholesale purchases ranging from 300ml to 1 ton.

Alper Vedat, Işın Vedat and Işık Vedat


Having produced five different flavoured kinds of ketchup for over 50 years without breaking their traditional recipe, Ukay catering brings its products to consumers with special labelling in line with the customer’s request. The family-run business is one which understands its customer tastes and has successfully brought its product to their table since the early 1970s.  Thus, food wholesalers are offered the opportunity to create their own brands without sacrificing quality



Comfortably producing up to 12 tons of sauces on a daily basis, they are able to work extremely efficiently under pressure to ensure that they be ready to provide customers with their in-demand products. Ukay catering has no problem ensuring that no matter how quickly you finish their products during Ramadan, they will away be ready to re-stock your kitchens. The company manager Işık Vedat, stated that they were catching a popular taste in the UK with their ketchup they produced so much so even other companies wondering why they can keep up, explaining an experienced he had a while ago:

 “One day a person came and said he wanted to meet me; I accepted the meeting and found out that the person who came was the salesperson of our biggest rival amongst the ketchup market. This person who came without an appointment had been trying to sell ketchup to our customers for a long time. He explained his visit by stating; “I’ve visited your customers as your rival and tried to sell them a variety of sauce products, mainly mayonnaise, but I have not been able to persuade them to sell any ketchup products. Therefore, I came here to visit you to find out the secret of your success”. Vedat asserted that there were no competitors in the production and sale of ketchup.


Vedat also noted that McDonald’s, Heinz’s and other brands products in the UK food industry were too sugary and acidic, “We are very confident of our quality and taste. So much so that in the surveys we made in one of the UK’s leading food wholesalers (Cash and Carry) we saw people prefer us to Heinz. For more taste, more sugar added ketchup is no longer desired by people and sugar is not preferred due to harm to the human body. A woman who participated in the survey unwittingly stated that she was giving her children sugar and said she would now consume our sauces.” Their ability to not add sugar yet produce a great tasting sauce gives you the confidence in their product, ensuring you have the best quality without increasing health risks that can result from too much sugar.


The Ukay Catering manager additionally points out that many business directors tend to assume “If I give the sauce for free, why increases the cost”.

Vedat affirms that this is a misconception and adds that “Some of my customers tell me they do not earn money for ketchup so they want the cheapest ketchup, I tell them even the cheapest meat or potatoes will always taste better with quality ketchup. There’s no extra charge for onions used in burgers, but no one wants to use cheap onions just because they do not get extra money for onions.

We believe that some restaurants which produce delicious meals using the finest quality meat, potatoes, and other products tend to reduce their cost by using cheaper sauces; this is just throwing their labour to waste. Trying to reduce coast and be efficient is great but not where it matters, the cost of ketchup is as low as it can go. Any managers think that using sauce increases their costs, is wrong”


Ukay Catering has over 50 year experience in not only its products but its community. Not just providing goods but a service which is catered the society it works within ensures that they are able to provide support and awareness in terms of health and social responsibility. The company management, which takes care of all kinds of religions, cultural, wellbeing and social contributions, says that they will continue to stand by our community members who live many kilometres away from their homeland.


If you are looking for the ultimate quality and richness sauces for your customer’s experience, your family dinner table or any products, Ukay Catering is there to take taste buds for your business that one step further. You can visit their website at or call Ukay Catering on 020 8520 5999.

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