ASUK: ‘Turkey’s Rights and Interests of the Sea’ panel held

Atatürk Society UK (ASUK) held a ‘Turkey’s Rights and Interests of the Sea’ panel on Sunday, September 20.

The live panel was held at 7 pm on Sunday via Zoom, moderated by Mevlit Deniz, the President of the Atatürk World Platform (AWP) with Onur Öymen and Türker Ertürk as well participated as speakers.

ASUK chair Jale Özer, made the following statement: “This past Sunday evening, ‘Turkey’s Rights and Interests of the Sea’ in our diplomacy, our speaker panel titled veteran retired Ambassador Dr. Onur Öymen guided the government with his excellent explanation of how to defend our country’s rights and interests through diplomacy, giving examples from TRNC and Europe, and once again revealed that one of the biggest reasons of today’s problems is the lack of diplomacy.

Our esteemed guest, Retired Admiral Türker Ertürk, as an expert on the subject, gave a lesson to those who attempt to make perception operations in domestic politics by distorting history, the results of the Möntre Straits Agreement, the 12 Islands and the Treaty of Lausanne, accompanied by maps. Our retired Admiral Türker Ertürk and Retired Ambassador Onur Öymen, who brainstormed us, shed light on the unknown aspects of our history and today with their valuable knowledge and experience in our panel where current analysis of the current situation in domestic and foreign policy, the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean problems were discussed separately and the ways out. Thank you very much.

In addition, our conference tonight our friends from America, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and esteemed colleagues in thanking participants from London, we extend our love and respect. The programs of our Atatürk World Platform will continue. Please follow us. ”

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