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Day-Mer Chair Gül: “Not only applauses for NHS employees, but a liveable wage” 

Day-Mer Chair Gül: “Not only applauses for NHS employees, but a liveable wage” 

SERVING the Turkish Speaking Community living in London, Day-Mer took on a role to provide important relief services to the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Founded in 1989, Day-Mer adapted to new restrictions while carrying on providing the community with its services, even taking its Culture and Art Festival online this year, on July 5 some 23 thousand entries join the digital festival.

Speaking with Londra Gazete Day-Mer Chairwoman Aslı Gül, we looked at the work they undertook during the pandemic lockdown and evaluated the effects of the epidemic on society and citizens living in England.

“First of all, I wish that those who have lost their lives in this process will get well past those who have survived the virus in some way. The coronavirus, which spread not only in the UK but all over the world, affected everyone but especially the workers. This process has made many things even more obvious… Lack of sufficient PPE and lack of necessary precautions in nursing homes increased the number of casualties. Most importantly, the government’s herd immunity policy has made it one of the countries in Europe with the greatest loss, unfortunately.”


Looking at why Black Asian and Ethnic minorities (BAME) have been affected largely by the virus she said: “…There are several important reasons for this, the first one is that most of the people working in the service sector are of ethnic origin and have to work during the epidemic period. Another important reason is that poverty is higher among these segments and therefore they cannot be fed healthy enough and consequently their immune systems are weak. Of course, it can be added for other reasons…”


“The first decision of our board of directors was to stop our ordinary activities starting from March 13 to prevent the spread of the virus. Our board of directors provided solidarity by sharing a task among themselves providing food packages for our people who need help, and especially for those who are Ankara Agreement and refugee and cannot receive any government support. The other is to inform and enlighten our society about the developments. We carried out this study with our volunteer friends and members at certain times every day for the preparation and distribution of food packages. We delivered food packages to more than a thousand people.” She said.


Extending their helping hand to not only the community but local hospitals such as North Middlesex, Homerton and the Whittington NHS hospitals taking food packages and essential good to the hospital to help frontline workers and staff during the lockdown, they also organised 56 live broadcasts on many topics related to coronavirus to keep the community informed and joined with Unite union representative with car convoys and for a press release on May 1 with the North Middlesex hospital staff.  Likewise, the NHS is so important, the government, which says so important, does not give NHS workers a fair wage. NHS employees are not only applauded, but the action is needed for them to be given a liveable wage increase. As Day-Mer, we will participate in this action on Saturday. We urge our society to take care of NHS employees and participate in the action. Of course, wearing our mask. ”


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