Bozca-Der offering students online course

Bozca-Der, an London based community institutions, has started online study for our students whose education was interrupted due to the schools closing during this epidemic period.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, schools in the UK have been close to those students that are not from families working in critical sectors such as the NHS and the police force. Explaining that this is not a holiday and that our children should continue to study, Bozca-Der Academy started to offer live lessons online.

In a written statement on the subject, Bozca-Der Academy gave information about how the lessons were held and how the process would work.

Saying: “Because of the Coronavirus, schools in the United Kingdom have had to close. This is not a holiday and our children need to continue studying. It is also unclear when the mandatory break will end. As Bozca-Der Academy, we continue our classes in order to prevent children from forgetting what they know during this mandatory interim period and to ensure that they do not lose their study skills. We decided to open new classes after our students received additional requests in online classes.

Many educational institutions claim that they offer online courses. Of course, there are institutions that do this properly; however, the online lesson is not a process in which the teacher calls students and lectures for 60 minutes, only the teacher speaks and there is no other interaction for a week. Therefore, talk to the institutions where you have learned the principles of a good online education.

How the online course process is as follows:

  • After the parents fill out the registration form, a mail account is defined for the virtual class entry on the student’s behalf.
  • The student enters the system using his e-mail and password.
  • Course materials, online assignments, projects are shared with the student regularly through the virtual class.
  • All these studies are graded and reported.
  • Online course time calls students through our teacher platform.
  • The presentations used by the teacher while the lesson is taught in the classroom are on the screen of the student.
  • The teacher shares the “White board” during the lesson, where both the teacher and the student can write.
    The pdf document shared by the teacher during the lesson is automatically reproduced by the system for each student.
  • The teacher sees everything the students write here in sync from their computer. You can see this as the student’s notebook during the lesson. Everything that happens in a live lesson is in our online system.
  • Both the video and the sound recording of the course recorded at the end of the course are uploaded to the virtual class separately.
  • The student can repeat courses from here at any time.

Our Online Classes Tuition Hour Fee is £ 8.00.

The registration form of each class level is given below. Please fill in the forms to register.”

Below are the link for the forms based on year groups.

YEAR 3 – 4

YEAR 5 – 6

YEAR 7 – 8

YEAR 9 -10


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