Day-Mer calls for unity against coronavirus outbreak

In a statement made by Day-Mer, they have called for unity against the coronavirus and its effects from our community members.

Criticizing the money cuts made in the health system and social services, it was pointed out that some businesses that sell food products have opportunities the epidemic.

The statement made by Day-Mer is as follows:

“The coronavirus continues to spread in the UK and around the world. While tens of thousands of people are struggling with the epidemic, the number of deaths has exceeded 15 thousand worldwide. There are more than 350 thousand cases. It is certain that this number is much higher since not enough tests have been done in all countries.

In the UK, the number of cases exceeded 5 thousand and as of the morning of March 23, 289 people died.

Deaths are increasing. But the number of survivors of the epidemic is higher. More than 100 thousand people survived the epidemic.

The important thing is that the virus is not transmitted to more people. To this end, it is necessary to consider the warnings of the authorities, especially the health authorities. As the Turkish and Kurdish Community Solidarity Center (DAY-MER), we closely follow the problem and continue to inform our people correctly…

Massive cuts to health have been made in the UK for years. These cuts were the reason for darkening lives today… But now we are at another point. Under the pressure of the public, unions and non-governmental organizations, approximately £ 500 billion has been allocated to combat coronavirus. Some of this money will be given to workers who cannot go to work as a salary, while some will be given to those in need as social assistance. This also shows that; There was enough money to devote to other social rights to health.

We believe that the health of our people should be kept above everything. Therefore, we expect you to listen to our calls as an institution.

  • Let’s not go out for a while if it is not necessary.
  • Let’s pay close attention to hygiene and avoid contact.
  • Let’s not gather in collective areas.
  • Let us help citizens who need us in our environment, especially in older ages and who have health problems.
  • Let us take our place in the volunteer neighbourhood groups formed in each district and be in solidarity.

Besides all these, let’s not let the people who want to turn this situation into an opportunity from the fear and anxiety of the people. There is nothing conscientious and moral about how the wholesalers or supermarket owners are making profit from the food products they sell at exorbitant prices.

We call once again to these sections; Your job has nothing to advocate. Please note that this virus is not tangent to you. In case you get this epidemic, those who will run to your first aid will be the health worker and the people working from you.

The working conditions of health workers and their health are paramount. We must offer them all kinds of support. Let us give convenience and priority in shopping and do not hesitate to give the value they deserve. As it is confirmed in the news reflected in the media, let’s not complicate the lives of healthcare workers who disregard their lives for the treatment of infected patients with whom we fled.

As Day-Mer, we try to get information and deal with those who have problems through the social media groups we have created in North London. Especially our youth from Day-Mer Youth have assumed an important task in this difficult period. Let’s help them.

We will continue to inform you daily with videos and in writing. But while all this is happening, we also have demands for the local authorities, government and authorized institutions.

  • More public resources should be transferred urgently to hospitals and health
  • Councils should pay the rent and council taxes for those who have a job or financial difficulties.
  • Tests of those suspected of contracting coronavirus should be carried out without waiting.
  • Elderly, disabled people and those with health problems should be identified and necessary measures should be taken to meet their needs.
  • All empty houses in the hands of the council and private individuals should be opened to homeless people and those who live in crowded houses.
  • Councils should meet daily food and care needs of the poor, who are unable to feed, the elderly who are not able to cook, and those with health problems.
  • Councils should be more sensitive about cleaning, undertake cleaning and take all health measures of the workers who do this.
  • To protect the health of workers and labourers, the public; Except for the sectors producing mandatory supplies, all other sectors should be closed and measures to ensure health and hygiene conditions should be taken. ”
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