Cllr Tolga Aramaz announces himself as Enfield North MP candidate

ENFIELD Councillor for Edmonton green ward announced on Tuesday 10 September that he would be running as a Labour Party MP candidate for the Enfield North seat.

The seat is currently held by MP Joan Ryan who was elected in 2015 as a Labour MP and in February of this year resigned and carried on her position as The Independent Group for Change member.

In a post shared by the 24-year-old Cllr Aramaz, said: “As someone who has lived in Enfield all my life, I would not see anywhere else but Enfield as the right place to stand as a candidate…

Whilst running to be a Labour Party Councillor candidate, I received 59% of the votes directly from the local ward members I was running in, making me a candidate in the first round. Although I was young, I received the highest votes during the party election process amongst all candidates in the borough.”

Cllr Tolga Aramaz

Crediting his election as a councillor to his belief and why he is now running as an MP candidate he said: “I believe this success was because of my socialist stance and the appeal I have towards the BAME communities. A lot of people saw the values that I behold, my educational background, the hard work that I do and the fact that my community does not have representation in the Parliament and therefore urged me to stand as a candidate.”

He touched on events and life experiences that have helped space his views and outtake on life along with giving him the passion to become a councillor and now taking the step to put himself forward as his party’s candidate for the Enfield North seat.

Ending his statement he repeated his council speech when his voted against his budget cut which could have seen him suspended indefinitely saying:  “My Councillorship is not more important than people’s lives, I do not want to be a Councillor to only implement Tory cuts when we could be doing so much more as a Labour council. Labour must exhaust every legal means to resist these cuts. We must look at every radical option we have so that people do not suffer anymore”

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