Farewell ceremony held for Gülbahar Aslan at BAF

A farewell ceremony for Enfield Alevi Cultural Center for Gülbahar Aslan sadly died of a heart attack at the hotel she was staying at while on holiday in Bodrum.

Gülbahar Aslan

The young woman was found dead in the hotel’s pool in, after an autopsy was carried out her body was sent to her hometown of Elbistan, Turkey. Gülbahar, was buried in the village of Karacar after the funeral ceremony held in Elbistan Cemevi.

Simultaneous a ceremony was held in London Gülbahar lovers came together at Enfield Alevi Cultural Center on this morning (19 July).

Israfil Erbil, President of the British Alevi Federation (BAF), made a speech about Gülbahar who lost her life due to a heart attack. “Gülbahar was a very good young, loved by everyone around her”

Explaining the cause of her death “She went to a concert, but she felt uncomfortable after the concert; we already know that she has a heart condition from her family and brother. She did not feel well, she entered the pool at that time of night because she wanted to relax a little. Then it appeared in the hotel’s cameras, she swam in the pool to a small island in the middle, after getting on to the island she suffered a heart attack and fell into the water. Naturally many people have said a lot, but a forensics report says, the cause of death was a heart attack. ”

The farewell message from her family was read by Erbil:

“Gülbahar, our child, our other half, our comrade, our labourer, you left in the heat of summer, in the midst of July in a bird bustle. Isn’t it too quick? You were calm, quiet, always in a reassuring state that was not hectic at all. Even in conversation, you would communicate in a butterfly silence. You are as innocent as a dove. Our world collapsed with news from early in the morning. None of us wanted to believe…

You are now hidden in the land in Karaçar, and in this place where you give labour; we keep you in our hearts. Of course, we will stop by…

You’ll still be our everlasting rose. Our comrade, child, Gülbahar! We already miss you!”

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