“Artı Meetings” panel on Turkey’s press freedom and human rights

ACROSS Europe a number of “Artı Meetings” panel on Turkey’s press freedom and human rights have been taking part. The London panel took places at Day-Mer on Sunday 12 May.

The organiser of the panel by Artı Tv and Artı Gerçek Gazetesi, “Arti Meetings” and there were speeches on human rights issues. The panel held in Day-Mer was attended by Artı TV Editor Celal Basin, Artı TV Program Erdoğan Aydın and Moderator Diren Demirtaş.

Speaking on the panel Aydın referring to the election agenda in Turkey, he said they were concerned about the results after the local elections held on March 31, 2019.

Aydın said that after Turkey’s elections, the government experienced a serious process of impotence and that the state had all the institutions and facilities, but it clearly showed that it suffered a crisis of impotence.

Continuing his speech, Aydın said “Although the government has won all the elections in some way, it has suffered serious legitimacy after these elections. The government, which has not fulfilled any promise given to the public since the first day, experienced a process of dissolution… The final election showed us that despite all these attacks, it seems that the possibility of sustaining its power in metropolitan cities and in the appointed Kurdish provinces has become impossible.”


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