Balıkçıoğlu Cabaret performed ‘Öp Bubanın Elini’

The theatre play presented by the Balıkçıoğlu cabaret ‘Öp Bubanın Elini’ (Kiss your father’s hand) had is audience laughing over two days of performance that took place at the Millfield theatre Hall in Enfield, London on the 10 & 11 May.

The comedy story told in of an old father’s who marriage with a younger woman, with his daughter against the marriage. The comedy play was also highlighted the Cypriot dialect.

Balikcioglu made a statement about the theatre show and thanked the audience and contributors for the production and presentation of the theatre. In his statement from his social media account, Balıkçıoğlu gave the following statements:

“For two days, celebrations continue. By phone, by text or by word, our people celebrate and shared how much they liked ‘Öp Bubanın Elini’ which we show on Friday and Saturday evenings. Thank you, everyone. I am also very happy to have very sensitive audiences. You know, it’s a team job to bring a play to the stage. Therefore, I would also like to thank my friends, who worked hand in hand with me and who made it successful. Thank you Director Şadiye Balıkçıoğlu. Thanks you Hüsnü Kişi, Fatma Kemal. Tuncay Akpinar, Fatoş Çağın, Hasan Aziz Özöncü and Ayşen Cemal. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Artun Gökşan, my dear friend, who has a pleasant time with our stand-up show.”

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