TWPA International Women’s Day event

THE Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA), which is one of the oldest and successful established associations in London, continues to represent women.

TWPA organised an International Women’s Day event which took place on today (8 March Friday), at Grand Palace.

TWPA Chair Ayşe İbrahim made the following statement in regards to the the event:

“The Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association, has been in existence for many years and has always served for our women and society. Along with the 8th March International Women’s Day event, we will always be together for solidarity within the framework of values which strengthen unity.”

The event saw Turgay Deniz, chair of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce (KTTO), Candan Avunduk, chair of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (KTSO), and Cafer Gürcafer, chair of the Turkish Cypriot Construction Contractors Union, attended the event. TRNC Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman and his wife were expected to attend but due to serious car accident last night in Cyprus, they were unable to make today’s scheduled event. 

A large participation of women living in the UK joined together at the event this afternoon to enjoy food and entertainment. After the meal was eaten, Duygu Tağmaç, who was the host of the organization, mentioned the importance of women and after reading an effective and emotional poem, Ayşe İbrahim.

Ayşe İbrahim started her speech by expressing her thanks to all those who came to the event and made a speech emphasising the meaning and importance of the day. Then, Turgay Deniz, Chair KTTO, took the floor and congratulated all the women on the World Working Women’s Day and presented a plaque to Leyla Kemal, the President of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA).

Flowers and awards where given to selected members at the event to celebrate there contribution.


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