SPOT held 3rd Annual Conference

SPOT (Solidarity with the people in Turkey) held its 3rd Annual Conference on 9 February at 11:00am at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD.

The conference took place under the name of ‘Struggle for democracy under authoritarian regimes’.

With a full day program spread over the UK Teachers’ Union (National Union of Teachers) events were held in the building.

Among the speakers were from Turkey, the CHP deputy Ali Şeker, HDP MP Osman Baydemir, journalists Çağrı Sarı, Mustafa Kuleli, Flormar işçileri, Aydın Çubukçu and Mustafa Yalçıner.

At the same time, Labour Party Edmonton MP Kate Osamor, Julia Ward from the European Parliament, Simon Dubbins from the UNITE Trade Union, Chris Baugh from the PCS Union, journalists, Ben Hicks, Aidan White, Sarah Clarke, Carolina Stockford and Lindsey German from the Anti-War Coalition attended as speakers.


Ali Sugar, addressing the injustices of the struggle for democracy in Turkey, underlined the administration with all the opposition groups. On the other hand, Osman Baydemir emphasised the injustices of the Kurdish people, the pressures and the importance of raising the struggle against these pressures.

Aydin Cubukcu underlined Turkey’s influence over peoples of the class struggle and stated  “Turkey’s war policies to support Aslolan British working class for cutting and working people in the UK are struggling to be given in the UK,” he said. Cubukçu underscored the role of the working people in Britain in the struggle for solidarity.


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