‘New Local Plan’ presentation from Enfield Council

A presentation was made by the Enfield Council in order to inform people living in Enfield about the ‘New Local Plan’. The presentation took place on Saturday, 12 January at the Alevi Federation building located in Enfield.

Councilors of Enfield, police officers and members of the public attended to the presentation.  A presentation was organised on Saturday by Enfield Council to provide information for the residents living in Enfield.  In the presentation, the participants received information in regards to housing needs and the new structuring of the changing demographic structure in Enfield.

The police officers which attended to the presentation gave a short speech to the participants about the security matters involving the new plan.

Enfield Councilor Ahmet Öykener gave further information about the new plan. Hence, during the presentation comprehensive booklets were distributed to provide a further detailed explanation about the subject.  Citizens which participated in the presentation asked various questions about the new plan and the quantity of houses which are planned to be built in the borough.

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