Standing against the attacks on the Health Service

WE have passed through a two-year process in which people have begin to feel these discontinuities more deeply in their daily lives. One of these areas is health services. The privatisation policies in the NHS and the fight against it have reached a critical point in this period. For example; In November 2017, the government announced that it would only provide £2.8 billion in additional aid, although it said it needed an additional £4 billion in addition to the NHS. However, the Mental Health field was not supplemented. Mental Health remedy cuts of £4.5 million on the budget. NHS England, on the other hand, said it had to spend £1 billion in February 2016.

While the budget is still not enough, the government last year signed a £200 million contract with a private company called Virgin Cure, and it is said that the services that are thought to be the most profitable are given to the company.

All of these; The lack of adequate budget for the employees and the hospitals, the equipment needs of the NHS as a result of budget cuts policies. In terms of health workers, this leads to the hospital workers being overworked, this will without doubt cause mistakes, putting patient safety at risk and as they are unable to cope with this situation.

In England, the 6th richest country in the world, health care system has been turned into health services which matches the under developed countries of the world. The ruling Conservative Party is known not to be due to the economic conditions of the country but to a deliberate health care choice. They faced the destruction of the Health Service. They work with many private companies to privatise health services. The government, in addition to allocating additional budget in this regard, accuses everybody who works in the health service and uses it in the worst way. Patients, nurses, doctors, immigrants, elderly people, some of whom are declared criminals by Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.

As DAY-MER members Turkish and Kurdish-based labourers, the People’s Assembly and organised campaign “End The Crisis in the National Health Service” march, and have invited friends of all nations to show unity for their struggles.

Details of the march

Date: 3 February 2018, Saturday

Meetup point for the march: Assemble Gower Street, Central London, WC1, at 12 am

The march will end: 10 Downing Street

DAY-MER meeting: London Cultural Centre (DAY-MER-Tottenham), at 11.00 am

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