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Tag: health

Scotland has confirmed its first case of monkeypox as the disease continues to spread across the UK. The infected patient is receiving care and treatment ‘appropriate to their condition’ and contact tracing is underway, Scottish health bosses said. A total of 20 cases have been identified south of the border...
Analysis of thousands of tumours from NHS patients has identified a ‘treasure trove’ of new clues about the causes of cancer. In the biggest study of its kind, researchers at Cambridge University Hospitals looked at the genomes of more than 12,000 people with cancer in England. They spotted 58 new patterns in their DNA, called...
The number of children and young people needing mental health support has hit an ‘unprecedented’ high after surging by more than half after the start of lockdown. There were 395,369 referrals to NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services between April and October last year, a rise of 52 per...
ALMOST four in 10 people (38%) are worried about their finances up from 32% in January and the highest level since the start of the pandemic, according to researchers at University College London (UCL). This compares to 33% who are concerned about getting Covid-19, down from 40% in January, the...
The number of people in the UK suspected to be living with long Covid has risen to 1.7 million in a new record high, the latest data show. Estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest that, as of 5 March, nearly 3 per cent of the population were...
THE use of mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain tumours, new large-scale research has shown. In a study of more than 776,000 women, there was no elevated risk of developing tumours in those who had used mobile phones every day over two decades. Longstanding fears around the...
(Picture Kraton IQ)   TWO new medications which fight drug-resistant superbugs could soon become available to NHS patients in England. Drugs’ watchdog NICE says cefiderocol and ceftazidime with avibactam offer value for money and will save lives. These ‘last line of defence’ drugs will tackle severe infections which cannot be...
MORE than one in eight privately rented homes in England pose a “serious threat” to the health and safety of their occupants, a damning report has revealed. The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee found fast-rising rents and low standards in the private sector mean that “safe, suitable housing is...
The number of people infected with Covid in the UK is showing signs of plateauing, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests. Nearly 4.9 million people would test positive, which is about 25,000 lower than last week’s record high. Infections appear to be falling in Scotland, which has...
Travellers will no longer need to complete the ‘Cyprus Flight Pass’when entering the South of Cyprus from April 18. Restrictions will only apply to unvaccinated travellers who will be required to provide proof of a negative 24-hour rapid test or 72-hour PCR test before their departure. Country categorisations will also...
OFFICERS have warned the public about the dangers of taking illegal substances in the form of cannabis sweets and similar products following the death of a 23-year-old woman from Ilford. On 29 March, the woman purchased what she thought were cannabis sweets also known as gummies via a messaging app...
FREE lateral flow tests will also be scrapped, meaning people who want to check if they have the virus will soon have to pay to do so. It comes as cases rise sharply again across the country, thanks to restrictions ending and the emergence of a highly infectious BA.2 offshoot...
Patients will be able to have surgery within private hospitals if they are waiting for more than a year and a half as the government pushes for more “choice”. In a speech on Tuesday afternoon, health and social care secretary Sajid Javid, is expected to say the UK is coming...
ALL 400,000 Britons with type 1 diabetes will soon be offered a high-tech implant that monitors their blood sugar level in real time, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The small gadget had been restricted by the NHS because of cost, and made available only to those most in need....
‘Olive leaf extract can reduce knee pain’ A pill made from the leaves of olive trees may act as a natural painkiller for some people, a study suggests. Patients with severe knee joint pain who took the supplement twice a day for six months reported fewer aches compared to a...
PCR tests for travel have become “a predictable Covid rip-off”, says the ex-chair of the Competition and Markets Authority, Lord Tyrie. Lord Andrew Tyrie said the competition regulator had been “too slow to react” to complaints about testing providers. Holidaymakers have objected to high prices and poor service from many...
A lack of omega-3 oil in the diet can shorten life even more than smoking, new research warns. Scientists found that smoking knocked four years off life expectancy whereas low levels of the fatty acid  found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, could reduce it by five years....
IN his clinic in London, dermatology expert Dr Benar who is also well known for his aesthetic treatments of famous models and movie stars gave a warning for those enjoying the sunshine. The  Turkish Cypriot doctor said “Sunburns are a visible reaction on the skin as a result of exposure...